Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Break!

Last weekend (21-23) was fall break! Luckily, Andy and Seth were on the same schedule. And...fortunately, Nana and Oompa let us borrow their RV again. After Seth's parent teacher conference (which went really well)...we loaded up and headed about an hour away to Bluffton (Ouabache) State Park. We found a secluded wooded site and set up camp. It was a beautiful fall night for cooking hotdogs over the fire! and s'mores!
Nope...Grant wasn't a fan! He much preferred just eating the chocolate

It wasn't all roughing it...we snuggled in and watched a movie before heading to bed!
Saturday morning...we rode our bikes to the bison area...and then hiked the mile trail around the enclosure! Grant was very curiuos...and had to touch everything we passed!

One of the bison was really could hear him grunting! The baby bison wasn't close enough to get a good glimpse of...but you could see him! He was so cute...born this summer!

Then...a short bike ride to the fire tower! Grant was NOT happy that he couldn't get down...but with the open windows...we just weren't taking a chance! Super daddy carried him up all 100 feet! Seth loved the fire! He spent some of the afternoon just throwing sticks in!

then....Seth and I took a hike while Daddy and Grant napped!

Grandma and Ted came up for the afternoon/evening! We took a LONG hike (think we got lost) back to the bison and fire tower!

Found a cool teepee in the woods! Ted and Seth climbed the tower again!

Tinfoil dinners on the fire...and more s'mores! Well...maybe just burning marshmallows! That was much more fun!

Sunday morning we took a long bike ride on the bike path...and explored the lake!

and found the Wabash River...perfect for throwing more sticks in!

and climbing over dead trees! and spending a few good days in the the beautiful fall weather with my boys!

It was a great relaxing getaway!