Friday, October 7, 2011

Open House!

Seth's open house was Thursday night! We are so blessed to have grandparents who are so supportive of Seth. Everyone gathered for a quick dinner...I made some pretty yummy corn chowder. (I had lost a favorite recipe, so I made it up and I was quite impressed.) Then we headed over to school...after a quite eventful car alarm experience.

We went to his class...and saw his desk and his portfolio and met his teacher. I love how everyone is so intrigued by his schoolwork!

So proud of their little guy!

We checked out some of his artwork

And Grandma spoiled both boys with a new book from the books fair! And then.....


It was Grandma and Ted's first trip! I love it because every trip you can try something totally different (I was lovin' my strawberry with fresh fruit and coconut and a few choc. chips) Grant was all about his...with his M&M's.

Seth was all about the chocolate...and a few gummy bears!

We are so grateful that school is building such great memories for Seth...and that he is excelling like he is! So glad he is so excited to take everyone to his school and show it off!


Shari said...

Guess where we went for our dessert today? Yep, Yo Yo's! Thanks for the great idea! We had not been there for awhile so, this blog was a reminder. Love that place!