Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkin School

This morning Grant and I went on his first "field trip". My MOPS group went as a group to Kurtz Pumpkin Farm. The first stop was pumpkin school.
He listened really well...I was surprised. She did a great job telling the kid about planting pumpkins and growing vines and flowers and the bees pollinating! I don't' know that he caught all of it...but he did tell me about the bees tonight.

They had lots of examples of different kinds of pumpkins....including this "BIG PUMPKIN!"

Then...we all loaded onto a hay wagon...took a hayride out into the corn and soybean fields to a pumpkin patch.

It was quite exciting...he couldn't decide on what pumpkin he wanted! The biggest issue was that they were "ALL DIRTY!"

Finally...with a little coaxing from momma...he decided on "THIS ONE!"

His very own pumpkin...just his size!

He was so proud!

Afterward we had a lot of fun picking out other pumpkins, ghords and straw for our fall porch display. We also stopped at Schmuckers (an Amish produce/grocery store) and got some fresh produce, mums and some goodies. It was a fun morning with my little guy!

I went to this pumpkin patch 2x with Seth...for preschool when he was 3 and 4! Although Grant was only 2...we still had a lot of fun! And...it was a gorgeous fall day to boot!


The Saunders Family said...

I love Kurtz's. Drive by it on my way to my parents out in Harlan!

Shari said...

Oh what fun! I'm so glad that you are enjoying these days so much when your children are young as you have no idea how fast it will all be over! Great blogging lately, Krista!