Sunday, October 9, 2011

That's a BIG Excavaaaaator!

The big boys are battling a little cough/cold so Grant and I took a walk down the block. There is an empty lot where there was a house fire many years ago. Now...someone is building a new home...and all the big equipment was there! Grant was in HEAVEN!

He loves excavators and dump trucks and all construction vehicles! We literally read and look at pictures EVERY DAY! And it's always: "that's a BIG excavator" or "that's a GIANT dumptruck"



Shari said...

OH MY!!! I LOVE, LOVE this!! Nothing like seeing a video and hearing that cute little voice....well, the "big" voice was pretty cute too! :o) I had to watch it a couple of times! Thanks, Krista, for some great blogs! They help make my day!!