Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend at Chain O' Lakes

Chalk up another great fall weekend. The boys and I headed up to Chain O' Lakes after school to spend a few days camping. (Andy had to finish his contract job putting on mailboxes). We were spoiled by Oompa's good cookin'. My brother and his wife and family were there too! We all had dinner together on Friday night....spaghetti with sauce cooked over the fire all day.

We took a few bikerides and walks around the campground. There is a decorating contest...and people go all out decorating for the weekend. It was a cool crisp evening...perfect night for taking walks. Of course we had to cook some s'mores...and sip on some hot cider!

It was a cold cold the boys and I slept in the RV with my parents.

Saturday morning we had some yummy b-fast burritos again cooked by Oompa. We played on the playground, took walks, rode bikes and sat around the fire. We also painted trick or treat bags (the pumpkins were all gone)

We took a walk down to some friends who were making homemade kettle popcorn, over the fire in a huge iron kettle! It was so yummy. It was the strangest thing...a few moments before trick or treating started...a huge wind storm came...the leaves were blowing was a blustery fall day...kinda cool to see the leaves falling like snowflakes. By this time..Andy had come up and we got all dressed up in our costumes. I was so happy with how Seth's turned cute!

We had an hour to trick or treat throughout the's really cool. Everyone just sits out at the edge of the road and hands out candy. There were about 700 kids trick or at times it was a little crazy. But everyone is into it...with decorated campsites and some even in costume. Fortunately, the wind died down and it was beautiful afternoon to take a walk.
Grant was just mesmorized by the whole thing...he caught on pretty quick...and his sweet little voice was so cute..."trick or treat!"

After that was over...we took a hayride...all throughout the campground!

And obviously, after that...we had one tired little boy! I took him on a bike ride and he was OUT! Andy headed home and my and boys stayed through supper, a campfire, some more s'mores and another walk around to see all the decorations. People had been busy carving pumpkins all day.

We headed home around 10 and both boys were already sacked out and fell right into bed! It was a fun 2 days...already making plans for next make it even better!

On Sunday afternoon...Seth's favorite thing: counting and sorting the loot! We have more candy than we know what to do with!


Shari said...

Chain of Lakes was another favorite of ours. I am going to talk Wayne into getting an R.V. yet!! Love the kid's costumes & pumpkins! Glad you are doing so many fun things with them as the years go by way too fast!