Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bible Quizzing

Our church has a pretty awesome bible quizzing program. As a 1st grader, Seth is now old enough to be a part of it. We never said anything to him...but he told us he wanted to do it. Fortunately, their practice is during Sunday it's not really another time committment through the week.

He has jumped right in and loves it! He is wicked smart and has this amazing photographic memory. It sometimes scares me. He can rattle off his memory verses and can correctly answer every question.

This past Saturday was his 1st area quiz meet. He competed with about 22 other 1st-3rd graders from churches in the area. He was the only 1st grader from our church...but was with 2 other 3rd graders. Basically...there are 2 rounds of 15 questions each. The proctor reads the question twice (it's also on the overhead) and then says answer. Each kid has their own "box" and then has to immediatly pull out the piece with the correct answer and place it in front of their box. A scorekeeper at their table keeps score. Well..little mister smartie pants didn't miss 1 he not only received a gold ribbon...but a medal with 2 stars for 2 perfect rounds.

All 3 boys got gold ribbons...yeah!

I'm so proud of him...excited that he has the desire to do this...and is burning God's word into his heart. He is so excited about the Bible now...wants to read it all the time and is bound and determined to memorize the song that has all 66 books in it.

There will be 4 more meets in Jan-April. He can't wait. I told him he may have to choose between a basketball game and the quiz meet....he said he wanted to quiz!

I'm one proud (and grateful) momma! Oh yeah...he also got the candy bar for correctly reciting his 5 memory verses...which included all the beatitudes. He is truly hiding God's word in his heart.


Bible quizzing said...

Great to see more kids being introduced to Bible quizzing. What a great way to learn the word of God and enjoy spending time in it.

Long after we forget who won which quiz round, we want our kids to still enjoy spending time in God's Word.