Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Carnival HoeDown

Last Friday was Seth's school carnival! I remember my elementary carnivals! I LOVED THEM! I so looked forward to them. Little did I know how much work they were.

Seth wanted to enter the cake decorating contest....he choose a cowboy boot to go with the hoedown theme. He had so many ideas...I let him go and do his thing. He won 2nd place in the 1st graders in the best theme cake!

Plus, there was a bake sale. I used the extra cake from cutting out the boot to make my 2nd attempt at cake balls. I guess you need to freeze them upright to keep them perfectly circular. I thought it might be cool to put them in the cups as a little bouquet! NOPE! I went to move them to my car and they all just toppled over! OOPS! I was able to salvage a few of them and just wrapped them in cellophane! Oh well!

And...each class has a theme and makes a basket for a silent auction. Seth's class was "Family Game Night" I volunteered to assemble the basket...it was too big for a basket...so I just made a tower. I thought it turned out pretty cool. It sold for a pretty good price too.

Both boys had fun...but I think Grant had the most fun! He absolutely LOVED all the games...he was in heaven too, cause you get a prize after each game as well.

Seth had fun as well..after he gave up on winning a cake at the cake walk (isn't that a carnival favorite) he was hooked on a silent auction bid we made on an Upward Bag full of balls and gear as well as a certificate for registration for the basketball season. He was pretty excited when we won...AND mom and dad were excited when we got it all for less than a normal registration fee.