Friday, November 25, 2011

Honorary Family

So...there are just some people in your life...they aren't family...but they should be. I have some people like that....their names are Art and Maureen.

I've grown up with them...they lived in Ft. Wayne...way back when. We went to the same church...they had kids my age (sort of). But...then, they moved to Michigan. We didn't have family close for Thanksgiving...and neither did they. So...we started a that has lasted over 30 years.

While in Michigan...we took turns. One year they came here...the next we went there. That lasted several years...until they moved to North Carolina. Now...they come up here every year and their kids come down from Michigan (when they aren't at the inlaws)

I think there was 1 year it didn't happen....but seriously...Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without the Vollmers.

We see them other parent's travel with them every year at spring break. We occasionally vacation at the same beach resort and rent houses next to each other. Sometimes they just stop by on their way to Michigan. It's certainly not enough.

And sometimes... like 4 years ago...when Kate was really sick and in the hospital...they would come all the way from NC just to watch Seth. AMAZING! They just loved on that little boy...and spent the time with him, when we couldn't.

buying doughnuts...October 07
Lovin' on Kate too..the day she came home

They are the type that you don't see for a year...but there is so much history it just becomes old hat.

And...then there is the fact that they just spoil our boys rotten...especially Seth. I know they have a special bond...they spent a lot of time with him 4 years ago. But every year...they get presents at Thankgiving. The boys love it...they love them! Seth is always so excited when Art and Reen are here.

Seth this year with his new Simon Flash game...and more than gifts...he just knows that they ADORE him.
Grant with his new game...Hungry Hungry Hippos! Art and Grant are good fact the other day Seth and I had dentist appointments. I dropped him off...but mom was gone. Art took him right downstairs, tucked him in bed and Grant took a nap with NO FUSS! I tell have the magic touch! That never happens.

We love you Art and Reen...more than you know! Anxiously awaiting next summer...thankful we don't have to wait another year to see you!