Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seth's special guest!

Last week was Seth's special week at school. Basically, they make a poster to share with the class about themselves. Plus, they get to bring in any special toys/awards/things throughout the week. Finally, on Friday, a special guest is invited in to read a book to the class.

We asked if instead of reading...if Oompa could do some of his special science "tricks". Oompa is a science teacher and has a group of HS kids he mentors and they work on all kind of cool science demonstrations. Oompa came in by himself and wowed the class. Smashing soda cans...with just some cool water! Kids thought this was really cool!

Making "elephant toothpaste"...this always gets the kids going since it just grows and grows and grows.

The big finale...flaming hands! Even his teacher agreed to do it!

It was a special treat for Seth and the whole class! Thanks Oompa for making Seth feel special!