Thursday, November 24, 2011


Our Thanksgiving Festivities began last preparation for going to Grandma and Grandpa Ted's last weekend. The boys and I made cookies to take with us.

Making Indian Corn Cookies...out of Reese's Pieces.

We also decorated pumpkins....this is what happens when you turn your head! Grants version of a pumpkin!
We headed down to Portland last Saturday. Grandma cooked a yummy Thanksgiving meal and we ate an amazing lunch. We headed downtown to take a carriage ride...but they were cancelled due to the rain. So...we walked around the courthouse and looked at the trees. At 6..we went back downtown and watched the Parade of Lights. It's a fun parade where all the floats and vehicles put on lights...and pass out candy.

We came back...ate dinner and had plans to stay overnight and have a meal with Ted's family on Sunday. Well...Seth was acting funny and having problems urinating. We thought for sure it was a bladder infection. He was getting some serious cramping. We opted to bring him home...very bummed that we were once again missing the family Thanksgiving.

Well...the trip home was rough on Seth and he was in a lot of he and I headed to the ER...after a few tests, we got a diagnosis: constipation. Evidently that can mess with you and cause lots of problems. After some medicine...he is doing just fine.

Wednesday night we headed downtown for the annual lighting of Santa and festivities downtown. I would show pictures...but a memory card in your camera is a necessity for that. It was a great night...and we had fun seeing the lights as well as the fireworks at the tin Caps stadium. It was packed...but a fun night.

Thursday morning we spent watching the parade (LOVE IT....someday I am going!) and making more cookies for our Thanksgiving with my side of the family! More Indian Corn Cookies

We (well, I) made some cute turkey cookies too!

Grant wore his turkey shirt that I made him...he was so excited about it...but probably picked the eyes off at least 3 times! I thought it turned out really's his hands as feathers.

We headed over to my parent's around noon. My brother and his family was there as well as my sis-in-law's parents. Plus...Art and Reen, our life long friends and Thanksgiving companions. After games...we ate some yummy turkey. The cousins at their own table where they seem to eat much better on their own.

Grant chowing down on some yummy food.
And then...a wrestling match! The perfect way to help your food settle!

Then...pies and cookies and more games. It was a fun day for everyone. The boys are old enough that they don't have to be watched all the time...which allows a little more free time for mommy and daddy to play and rest too!

It was a blessed day packed full of family and friends....the perfect way to celebrate the countless blessings God has poured out on us.

And...Andy and I went to Parkview North today and ran Kate's Kart. We remember being in the hospital on's no fun. It was nice to brighten the day of a few families...while remembering our little girl too!


Shari said...

Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us, Krista! The cookies look so yummy, love Grant's shirt and what a blessing to have Art & Reen in your lives all these years! God is Good!