Thursday, December 1, 2011


Seriously...I continue to be amazed! Amazed at God's amazing grace! Amazed at the support of the community! Amazed at the impact of one little girl! Amazed at how far we have come! Amazed at how far this could go!

Tonight...we loaded up the van and started "rolling" the kart #15 at Bluffton Regional Medical Center. Every new kart is special...but this one was special in it's own unique way Zach and Meghann lost their 3 month little boy, Xander to a genetic disorder, spinal muscular atrophy this past summer. They spent time in the PICU at Lutheran on several occasions. They were impacted by the Kart. Meghann said that the time alone she had with Xander...just reading to him was so special. Her favorites were Dr. Suess.

After his passing, they chose Kate's Kart as a memorial for their son. We were blessed with a generous donation. Since, we weren't at Bluffton yet...I talked with her about maybe using some of the memorial money to purchase a kart in his name. They were thrilled. It was a perfect fit since they were from Ossian.

It was extra special today to meet this couple and join together to continue our dream of encouraging hospitalized children. I NEVER would have thought that Kate's Kart would have that kind of an impact on others. I am so grateful that it has.It was a joyous occasion to see their support system join together to support Zach and Meghann. We left there with 2 tubs of books donated today by their community. Their family and friends were just as excited to join in with Meghann and Zach. This isn't the first family to do this. My heart aches for other families who have lost their children. Several years ago, another family donated their memorial money in honor of sweet Abigail. Her name is on the Lutheran Kart. I never met them...but of course was blessed by their generosity.

Just last night, I met with another mom. She lost her son, Alex this month to complications from leukemia. He was in 7th grade. He loved books...he LOVED it when Kate's Kart came to the clinic at Lutheran. They too chose Kate's Kart as their memorial. I spent over an hour last night entering information into the computer from all of the donors. Over a $1300 has come in plus hundreds of books...and there is more to come...his schools are collecting books.

Kate's Kart is blessed because of these families...because of their generosity...because of a simple book that they received. I am blessed...but yet my heart aches.

Alex was an only child...and only grandchild on both sides. Xander was Zach and Meghann's firstborn. My heart aches for them. My heart aches for the "void" that must be felt in their homes...especially this season. There must be an emptiness they are feeling. Seth was by NO MEANS a replacement for Kate...but in all honesty he was a distraction when we came home without her that cold day in January, almost 4 years ago. There is certainly a void in our my my life. That void...will NEVER be filled until I join her in heaven.

God has blessed us with 2 healthy boys...2 boys that bring us so much joy. This has become our family portrait in some ways...the 4 of us with a new kart. The boys grow up from year to year....will be still be taking "new family portraits" when they are teenagers? It's hard to fathom.

I tell everyone...Kate's Kart has been a healing. In some begins to fill that void. By no means all the way...but it does assure me that Kate's life had a purpose. I have a reason to talk about my little girl...I have reasons to celebrate her life. Tonight...we went to dinner at Moe's on the way home. Baskin Robbins was across the parking lot. Of course we had to have ice celebrate our Kate. Maybe not because of her birthday...maybe not that she won a cougar award at school....but because more and more kids and families are being impacted by HER! Her legacy is growing...and growing and growing. We are seeing the fruit....through Xander and Alex....through their families. It blesses me...and assures me that as hard as it may be some much as I would love to be shopping for a little 5 year girl's Christmas much as I long for that little girl to dress up in her new Christmas much as it just doesn't seem much as I still long for a little much as I just plain miss her....God is good and faithful and His grace is sufficient. He has poured it out on me...and poured it out on Kate's Kart...and I can say it is well with my soul. But sweetie...I'm one day closer to seeing you again....and for that day...I cannot wait.


Kelly said...

This post brought tears to my eyes but a smile to my face.

I get teary because I feel that void that you feel as well. Nothing will fill that void... we just find ways to make it not hurt as much.

I smiled because it's so good to hear how Kate's Kart is touching so many parents and children. Amazing is the right word! =)

The Saunders Family said...

Amazing, truly amazing hhoe God works when we allow Him to.

Jackie said...

Another Kart is just amazing. Well done to all of you.

Kathy said... always make me cry! I am always so proud of you...your strength, and your love for your family.
All of these families are so fortunate to have you as part of their lives...

hug those boys tight for me...they are so stinkin' cute.