Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st Snowfall

Tuesday night marked the first significant snowfall for the winter. It was a beautiful snow...but not a fun one to drive in. Andy had to work late anyway...and the drive took him twice as long as normal. We waited until daddy got home so he could see Grant's reaction to the snow for the first time! It was dark...but we still had fun!

For some seems to be all about snowballs!
I had (and have) the hardest time getting Grant's mittens on right...he is NOT cooperative. Therefore...he had no ability to use his fingers. He would wait patiently (not) for Seth to build him a snowball!

But when he got one...he was so happy and eagerly threw it at the bushes!That new snowball maker makes some pretty sweet snowballs! Both boys LOVED the snow and the way it sounds...we should have plenty of time this winter to play in it! It was bad enough for a snow day on Wednesday for Andy...which meant he and Grant got to play this morning after taking Seth to the bus stop! Bummer for Seth...all grown up and having to go to school instead of playing!

BTW...anyone have any great suggestions of types/brands of mittens/gloves for little ones who just don't get the concept of thumbs?