Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Morning

It was a late night...Seth had a really hard time falling asleep. was almost 8:30 before they were up and ready to go downstairs.  Seth found a new hockey stick.

Grant found a race track...what he had been asking for all season.
And then, there was this note on the tree...

Which lead to this!!!  Wow....what a surprise in the garage!
 Then...back inside to open presents from each other...."what did you get Grant?"

Seth trying out his new stacking cups.
 and a remote control helicopter
 Grant found lots of presents under the tree for him!
 Then...into the other room for stockings..."golly, there must be more in here!"
 Lots and lots of goodies stuffed into his stocking!
 Nana and Oompa were over by now...we had a nice brunch and then more presents with them!   Grant got his own suitcase...WITH WHEELS!
 Seth and Grant helped Oompa open his really big gift...a "paradise" chair.

Grant also got a start to his rock and roll career!
 So much love from Nana and Oompa!
 Christmas 2011
 After some time straightening...and napping and playing with my new Nook!  YEAH!   We headed to Grandma and Grandpa Ted's....for more PRESENTS!
 Grant got some crayons and art activities.
 Seth got a new game.
 After dinner...we sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and blew out the candles.
 Grant thought is was appropriate to blow out ALL the candles in the house! 

And finally...more stockings from Grandma!
More spoiling by Grandma and Grandpa Ted! 
It was a GREAT Christmas...spent with the ones we love...celebrating the birth of the ONE who loves us.