Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's become a mom buys all the grandkids "matching" shirts for Easter...and then we get a group photo of them all! Yeah, I's November (and the end of it to boot). And is the end of November and we were comfortably outside in short sleeves! But...we finally got it done! I tell you, it's HARD work...getting all 5 to smile and look at the camera.

When 1 has a really great smile...another not so much!

I'm not a professional...and didn't notice the washout at the top of the picture!
By this point they are getting really frustrated with me!

Really...can we just be this okay?But I think the winner is this...
Nana and Oompa sure are blessed!


Judy King - Nana said...

Yes, we certainly are blessed!