Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Edgar the Elf

Our little friend, Edgar came back this year.  He is an "Elf on the Shelf" and visits our home between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  Each night he flies away to the north pole and "reports to Santa" about the boy's behavior.   
I'm not quite sure what Seth believes...Edgar made his appearance this year right after a show was on tv, called the Elf on the Shelf.  I just stuck him outside and rang the doorbell (and then closed it and ran to another room)   I know there was a sense of wonderment of how he came that night?  However...a few weeks ago, Seth told me Edgar was fake because his face was plastic.  HMMMM????  Not because he flies to the north pole...but because of his face!

Over the course of the month...they were pretty excited to find Edgar all over the house. It was always a little hide and seek game each morning.  Compared to some elf on the shelfs...our Edgar is quite calm.  He is just sitting somewhere..watching the boys.   I've read and heard stories about some elves that are a little mischievous and can cause havoc in the house.

For his last day at our house...he chose to write a message in marshmallows...and wrote a note that he would be back next year.   Seth was sweet and wrote back that he loved Edgar back.

Well...while unloading pics from the camera...this is what I found   And yes...I deal with Andy's "distorted" sense of humor all the time!   Fortunately, he cleaned up the marshmallows before the boys could see.  
And in case you don't know...that's a reference to Stephen King's...The Shining.

Although Edgar may creep Andy out....I enjoy these fun little traditions each year...and I think the boys do too.   Grant would just smile whenever he found him.