Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

We spent some time this weekend getting ready for the holidays. Well...I guess not really on Friday. Seth had won a free ticket to a Mad Ants game from school...we knew that it would be hard to contain we tagged team parented. Seth and I went to the game and had a great time. It went into overtime and was a close game. Seth watched every shot and we enjoyed the Frisbee dogs at halftime. Every thing was great except our snacks got cut short due to the fact that that concessions don't take cash...who knew? Grant and Andy went to Tokens and Tickets to play some games and out for ice cream. We each got some one-on-one time and the boys enjoyed some age appropriate activities.

Saturday we morning we went out to Creative Treasures Preschool for their Cookie Walk. They were also having a Scholastic Book Fair and collecting books for Kate's Kart. Santa was there so we had a quick visit! That day Grant was NOT a fan. Things calmed down once Seth joined the scene...but still...not nearly as pleasant a visit as it was when we had Breakfast with Santa downtown.

We bought 2 cookies (woo hoo) and the boys had a snack before enjoying a horse pulled wagon ride around the parking lot. It was a nice little event that preschool was having and we were so appreciative to have their support.

While Grant slept that afternoon, Seth and I began our Christmas baking. He is such a great helper...especially since most of our cookies involved unwrapping some sort of candy.

Round 1...chocolate chip mint....Peanut Butter Kisses and Peanut Butter with Reese's or M&M's. and some peppermint bark. Definitely a peanut butter/chocolate/mint theme. The baking will continue all week...I LOVE it...I seriously have DREAMS of opening a bakery today.

Then...we were off to get our live Christmas tree. We have 2 trees... a fake one with Andy's Charlie Brown Ornaments and then we get a live one for all of our sentimental ornaments. Our trip started in Laotto where we have gone the past 8 years for a tree. Grant was impressed with all the trees...but we weren't at all. You can see all the dead limbs.

So...we drove back to Ft. Wayne...about 100 yards away from my parent's house (where we borrowed their truck) to the Scouts.
Once again...Grant was really impressed....especially with the really big ones.

But we settled on one just our size.

We set it up and decorated it on Sunday. Grant was helpful for a bit...but then decided to serenade us with Jingle Bells on the piano...well his version, anyway.
Grant's attempt to put on the angel.

And of course Seth needed to try too!
Me lovin' on my little guy under the tree.

Ain't she pretty... a little crooked due to her crooked trunk...but that gives her a little personality. It was funny...I asked the boys to give a thumbs up in front of the was so cute seeing Grant trying to master that fine motor skill....he doesn't quite have it...yet!

Now...if only we had some shopping done so we could have some presents under the tree...we're just waiting for those last minute deals!