Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Train

Saturday afternoon we took a little drive to New Haven and went on the Santa Train. There is a small train depot that takes you on a short little ride down the tracks and back. There was about an hour we explored the GIANT coal locomotive that was "in the shop" getting it's check-up! I was amazed at how big it held 22 tons of coal. The boys got to go up into it...and even sit on the engineer seat.

It was finally out turn...and we got into our "caboose". Grant was diligent in telling us that it wasn't a train ride...but a caboose ride. The boys even got to sit up in the copula...where there was a cool view.

Then after our 10 minutes ride down the tracks....we came back to the station. Santa joined us for the ride back.

It was a fun little adventure (except for getting stuck in the mud) and reasonably priced. The boys did great and enjoyed the ride on a real train...I mean caboose!

The diesel engine with the 2 caboose cars you could ride in.