Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday School Christmas Party

This past weekend was our class party for our Sunday School Class at church. It was an "adult" only party...which made it even more fun! It was a little stressful getting out there...after THE WORST experience EVER at McDonalds. Seriously...15 minutes far exceeds your allotted time just to ORDER lady in front of me...and Yes, McDonalds...that is a sign to open another register. was a fast drop-off to Oompa (with dinner in toe) and we headed out to a beautiful home in Spencerville!

Of course we had to have some food! We all brought appetizers and desserts (yum yum) Aren't we just so creative? Then after dinner...we played some Christmas trivia and mingled....evidently with the wrong spouse!

which meant turn-around is fair play!

Then it was time for our white elephant exchange! It ended up being pretty hilarious.

We picked first based on package appearance. I got #1 and went for the package with the cool bow...which ended up being pretty popular. (We did the whole you can steal my package thing...with many rule changes prior and during the whole event)

Yes...we are all so excited to see what we got...and if we would trade it for another un-opened gift.

Lori and Steve ended up with a lovely sweater and elf caps! And funny thing...Lori brought the sweater and Steve ended up taking it home (again!)

Our SS teachers, Jack and Nan ended up with a hillbilly briefcase
But the winner may have been Jeff and Keri with their curlers (yes, curlers) and giant spoon and fork set! Classic!

As for Andy and me...we brought home 2 pink flamingos (with sticks to place in yard) and a pregnancy test! HMMMM??? '

We ended with playing the Newlywed Game...of course many more laughs were had. It was a great night...with great people. Go grateful to have such wonderful, Christian friends to not only grow with on Sunday mornings...but laugh with on Saturday nights.


"Bo" said...

Well let me just say that Rik instigated the "cuddle" on the couch after Traci had ALREADY gotten chummy with Steve. So "payback" was Rik's retaliation, however, it backfired for him. Traci decided to reinact her initial display of affection AGAIN! All I did was sit on the couch! Too funny! We had a fun time too. I'm going to have to steal some pictures for my blog! So glad you and Andy are a "part" of us now!