Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time keeps on ticking...ticking...ticking

I's been said before...and I'm sure to say it again...WOW DOES TIME FLY! more week in January? The weeks fly by and the weekends go even faster. I even got "scolded" at church today for not posting enough.....Shari...this is for's all I got!

On Tuesday, Grant had his 18 month well check! All is great! He never fussed once for the doctor. Dr. Jim said he NEVER has an 18 month old do so well. Well...chalk up another one that Grant has fooled. The best news is that he has "outgrown" his we no longer need iron drops! Of course he is well over 95% for height and 75% for weight...he's the size of a small 3 year old! After having to get a shot and a finger prick...he decided that some days are just 2 paci days!

We had a snow/ice day on Wednesday for Seth and we enjoyed the day by going out to breakfast...taking naps...playing with friends...just a day to relax.
On Saturday we had some friends come up from New Castle after Seth's b-ball game. (He did SO well...he really is getting some "skills"). We went to Crazy Pinz and the kids played in the ballcity....they all had a blast. I couldn't believe how well Grant did..he loved it...chasing balls...putting balls down shoots and even got up enough nerve to climb through the tunnels. Golly he is growing up fast.

Friday night we finally got back into our routine....workout, swimming, pizza and a movie! It was it felt so good to get into our warm jammies, snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. I also had my Joyseekers women's bible study/fellowship! We had a great time together as God's women on Thursday.
It amazes me how much Grant is talking...he really just seems to be exploding. Here's a quick glimpse of him talking...before he head dives off the chair.'s late and the little stinker has been getting up at 5:30! That's I better head to bed!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

She fixed my photos...all the way from England!

So I am so wanting photoshop! I just recently reconnected (thanks Facebook) with a friend that I worked with at boy scout camp...17 years ago! She was actually an international scout...and is from England. (Yes, I know...boy scout camp! My dad was director...that was the reason I worked there for 3 summers!).'s fun to reconnect....and she read my blog post about wanting to be a decent photographer...and she evidently has some skills because she did this to my photos.

I had tried to take a decent picture...and the white balance was way off...even with me using the Program mode and switching it...but...if a computer program can do this...I'm ALL IN!
So...since unfortunately a road (boat/air) trip is not in the budget to get personal training from Jackie in England...what is everyone's thoughts...what program should I get...or at least put on my wish list. Anyone know how to use and would give me a quick tutorial? Anyone?

Missing Her

It's really really hard for me to believe that it has been 3 years...3 years today since I held my little girl in my arms. NEVER...did I imagine 4 and 1/2 years ago the journey my life would take. NEVER...did I imagine I could miss someone so much. NEVER... did I imagine that one little 18 month old girl with a broken heart could have such a legacy. Andy and I were talking grateful we are for Kate's Kart...she is NOT forgotten and is still making a huge impact in this world. That is so important to us.

We've started a little tradition...releasing balloons on January 15. It was a crisp beautiful night tonight. Grant drew a picture, Seth wrote "i love you", and we wrote a note and we attached them and a Kate's Kart bookmark to the balloons. Grant LOVES's one of his few words..and he wasn't too happy about letting go...but are any of us every really happy about "letting go" celebrate Kate...of course we had to have a bowl of ice cream!

We miss her so much...and everyday that goes by...we're just one day closer to seeing her in heaven! How glorious is that!
PS...Fortunately the rest of the day went well...with lots of distraction. Seth had his basketball game...we all went to the Y...Seth and I built a monster train track/city and Andy & I went to a birthday party for a friend at church!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day

Wednesday was a snow day...for the whole family! While playing outside with the neighbors...they invited us to go to Macke Mountain (the famous sledding hill in our association). Andy stayed home with Grant and Seth and I bundled up and headed out.

We met our neighbors...who also happens to be in his Kind. class. While there...we ran into another girl from his class. They had so much each other done the hill. It was the perfect size hill...not to overwhelming to climb up...but still big enough to have a lot of fun. even the moms gave it a whirl...sledding just brings out the kid in you.

What a perfect treat for a surprise day with no school!

In my next "life!"

Someday...when I have the time...I would love to learn how to REALLY decorate a cookie. I am amazed at the skills I see on some of the cookie blogs I follow. I would LOVE to have the steady hand to print like this on a cookie! make something that would even resemble these works of art

I think the key, beyond just being an artist (which I am NOT) patience. I just don't think I have the patience...but maybe someday...when I don't have a one year old pulling a chair over to the counter so he can get his little paws all over my cookies...someday when I have nothing better to do...I'll perfect my skills. Maybe someday...I'll invest in the proper tools and bags and tips to do the job right!

But for today...I tried my best. I saw an example of these on the internet and thought they were so cute...and a perfect treat for Seth to take to basketball tomorrow. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised with my amateur attempt. The bottom layer was a little TOO runny and ended up pooling off the cookie (instead of just running a little over). I didn't have a ton of time or all the right tools...but they are for 6 year old boys!

And someday...I'll take a photography class and get a really cool camera so that my pictures don't always turn out yellow in my kitchen!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Starting the year off...

Wow...guess I didn't start the year off blogging...10 days have passed already? Really...we're already almost to the middle of January? I guess in some ways it's good that these doldrum days of winter are going fast...but still...I don't want life to speed by.

Let's see...highlights of the past 10 days:

--spent New Years Eve at home...taking down decorations, doing the highlife! Seth stayed up...we watched a movie and then the ball drop!

--went to party with Sunday School class on New Year's Day...lots of fun playing games

--back to school...nice to be in some sort of routine now!

--Seth got his report card...we couldn't be prouder...he is really a great kid!

--played with some new Christmas toys...well, boots in this case---He loves these and wears them around the house

--played with some not so new much fun can you have with a trashcan...evidently a lot!

--had our Friday night movie night...including popcorn

--started our Upward basketball season. He got the first shot of the year! Yeah for Seth, #12


--spent some time with Grandma & Ted after the game

--watched the Colts lose a very disheartening game...Seth was in tears after it was over..yes, the little monkey stayed up after several attempts to get him down

--spent a couple hours in the storage unit for Kate's Kart...golly we are blessed

--battling colds...first Andy...and now Seth and me. UGGHGHG

--took the van in for repairs..double ugghghg

Saturday, January 1, 2011

18 Months

Saturday, January 1, 2011
18 months

At 18 months Grant:

--is getting more and more words but still isn't super verbal
mooor = more
Dadeeee = Daddy
cook---anything sweet

pick up
uck --reference to his diaper
--understands lots more words: hair, eyes, nose, toes, tummy, ears, glasses, ball, bath, milk, juice, eat, truck, Seth, mommy, daddy, bye bye, hat, kitty, trash, cookie, book, diaper..and I"m sure a lot more...although he doesn't seem to want to learn "NO"
--puts trash in the trash can, brings you a kleenix when you sneeze, tries to blow his nose, empties the dishwasher, puts on his hat when he sees others leaving, want to help cook or bake cookies, puts the laundry in the washing machine, lays down when you say diaper change. He usually is a good helper and wants to help so badly. He will even pull over a chair to stand on in the kitchen
-- --is still addicted to his paci.
--loves to give kisses and great big hugs
--had is first major bout with the flu...lasted several days...had a pretty good spirit about it
--is still taking iron supplements
--cried when he first saw Santa
--loves drinking from regular cups or cups with straws
--doesn't eat when he doesn't want to...eats a ton when he wants to
--loves "cooks'...there is no sneaking sweets with this little guy

--"played" in the snow...he really wasn't too sure as it was SO cold and he was so bundled. He would catch snowflakes on his tongue...wants to help the shovel

--loves balls...will throw them around all day's his favorite toy by far

--went to Chicago...stood overlooking Chicago on the 103rd floor and didn't bother him a bit...was a great traveler...loved the lights and sounds of the big city

--has gotten in the habit of waking up really between 5 & 6...YUCK...will take 2 naps when he's up so early
--discovered he can flush the toilet
--took his first bubble bath

--loves eating with a spoon...can eat his cereal in the morning with one

--loves: strawberries, tomato soup, salad, oranges, dried cherries
--has a temper...gets really mad when you leave him or close a door or when Seth takes something away. He will throw, hit and scream when he is mad
--is starting to be interested in cartoons on the tv
--loves playing the paci game...where he tries to put his paci in your mouth
--still wakes up mad...crying (usually cause his paci is on the floor)
--celebrated Christmas...he sort of understood unwrapping gifts, but really wanted Seth's more than his...even though he got really cool things including:
**climbing whistle chair and toy garage from Santa
**Rain boots, a riding toy, backpack, books, play tent and tunnel, bath toys, toy train and bulldozer from mommy and daddy & Seth
**Shopping Kart, DVD, money and pulling toy from Nana & Oompa
**Basketball hoop, toy workbench, jammies, Colts sweats and outfit from Grandma & Ted
**toy drum and maracas from Uncle Doug, Aunt Amy & cousins
--had a really busy month...experiencing lots of new things...and growing up....way TOO fast!