Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome to Indiana weather

Just 5 days ago...AFTER school...we headed outside with our spring jackets on...rode up and down the sidewalk...enjoyed the sunshine...listened to the water run down the road as the snow melted. It was a glorious sneak peak at spring.

Today, 5 days later...INSTEAD OF SCHOOL...we pulled out the winter gear and played outside. Yet, again we were hit with snow which resulted in the past 2 days of not having school. We invited Seth's buddies over and they played (okay, really, I think it was more like wrestled) in the snow.

And what does Grant do while the big boys play outside....well, like they say... a picture says a 1000 words.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Other Valentines

Love these guys too! I am one blessed wife and mommy!

Happy Valentine's Day....we had a great one...including a fancy dinner in the dining room! Grant did great, which means I guess we need to eat in there every night!

Happy Valentine's Day Andy

Saturday, February 12, 2011


And another week goes by...really? It's the middle of February all ready....I seriously feel like time is speeding by...so fast. It's been a week...filled with bitterly cold temps...lots of runny noses with the boys and 2 major mishaps!!
Fortunately, we were able to enjoy the snow before the bitter cold came. We spent a couple hours outside on Tuesday. Grant is still not a super fan of the snow...especially not being placed in the middle of the 2 ft. mounds. But...I must say it is a good way to keep him contained. Seth and his buddy Nate had fun building more forts....Grant had fun walking up and down and up and down and up and down the sidewalk....occasionally kicking the snow.

Seth and I spent a couple days making and decorating cookies for his class Valentine's Day Party.
He is a good helper...but is all about the dough and icing. His party was fun on Friday morning....they played games and loaded up on a ton of sweets...but hey, isn't that what parties are for.

Friday was also Andy's birthday. The kids and I had fun stringing streamers throughout the family room and blowing up 41 balloons....only to be reminded when Andy got home that he was 42!! Oops. I guess he just looks and acts so young. We met Andy at the Y and shot baskets in the gym before going to dinner and coming home for cake.

As you can see...Grant was much more interested in rearranging the pots and pans than getting a photo with his dad.

A raspberry cheesecake for daddy's choice...a left over frozen pie we found in the freezer for Seth!

Saturday...basketball in the morning and breakfast with Cathy, Ted and my mom (my dad was at a science show). Then...Cathy and Ted took Seth to a b-ball game and we then met them after Grant's nap and the boys went home with Grandma. DATE NIGHT AGAIN! Woo Hoo!
We had dinner at Smokey Bones (yummy...but we had to wait over 30 minutes) and then to see The King's Speech. It was very good...Andy loved it. Then coffee and V-day shopping for the boys.
Oh yeah, I mustn't forget our electronic woes of the week I spent Thursday morning checking out how to fix a broken laptop screen that Grant stood on... and will probably spend Monday morning checking into fixing a camera that Seth pulled off the counter! Oh the joys of boys!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a character

I'm thinking we really have our hands full with our little Grant. He is such a character...he is so funny but has such a temper. When he is mad....he is MAD! His latest is to go stand in the corner and be mad when he gets upset...or scream at an obscenely high pitch. But most of the time he is super cute...he is so "creative" in what he plays with. Usually, it doesn't involve any of the tons of toys we have sitting around...unless it's a ball. Friday night, I was folding laundry...and he decided to have his own version of "basketball". He got all his balls, put them in the basket and just sat in there for a good 30 minutes.

Then...on Saturday, I hear him coming down the steps...and this is what I see!

Yep...the little guy just stumbling through the house with a trash can on his head! He just cracks me up. Could he be any cuter?
Well, maybe when I dress him up in his Valentine Shirt I made this week....Watch out girls...

or maybe when his brother has a fever and isn't feeling good and he just crawls up on the couch and cuddles with his big brother.

Yep....he is ornery...but so darn stinkin' cute! I love that little guy (and his big brother too)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

So it's the blizzard of 2011! I think things have finally settled down...and we're seeing signs of getting back to a normal routine.

It all started Monday night with some snow...both Andy and Seth got Tuesday off (which was called Tuesday morning). By the afternoon the roads were clear and we even went to the library. But around 3ish it started snowing again...and the winds came...and it started with some ice. The schools were called off again for Wednesday on Tuesday night. Wednesday, the boys and I spent all day at home. Andy did go snow blow a neighboring addition's walking trail. It was pretty deep...and it blew alot. Just glad we had a warm home and plenty of food.

Speaking of food...there was quite the build-up for this storm. I actually went to the store on Monday mornign at 7:30 and it wasn't busy at all. But...evidently by 10 or so it was packed and INSANE.

So now...it's Wed. night and Andy is already called off for tomorrow and Seth has a delay. Who knows how the country roads are and what lays ahead?

We've just been hanging out..watching some movies...taking a few naps...staying up late...sleeping in (yeah for Grant for sleeping until 8:30)...playing games. (I will admit, Andy has been a champ clearing our driveway and doing his "job" for another association.)
Today...we did go out and play for a while.

Andy and Seth dug a tunnel

Grant got mad when I put him in the snow

Seth stood on top of some serious snow piles

And Grant was most content...walking up and down the sidewalks...kicking the side of the snow. What else could the poor boy do...with his gloves, he can hardly move his hands.

19 Months

Tuesday, February 1
19 months
At 19 months Grant:

--has an vocabulary that is exploding: new words include: STOP, ice cream, no, boot (boop), want, ice, please (peassss), up, ouch, book, hat, socks, shoes

--has even started 2-3 word phrases: want ice cream, want more

--weighed in at 27lb. 14 oz and was 36 in tall!
--loves climbing on the chair and watching what is going on in the kitchen

--has a complete love and fascination with boots. He got the green rubber ones for Christmas and wears them around the house all the time. If Seth's snow boots are left laying around...he'll put those on too and hobble around the house...he loves his boops!

--walks down the steps...standing up...going forward (Yikes)

--wants whatever Seth has...especially in the line of balls

--has become a little whiney and clinging...especially at dinner time

--burned his finger pretty badly on the stove...dropping silverware onto the hot burner

--loves Yo Gabba Gabba. He hasn't been too fascinated with tv...but he loves Yo Gabba Gabba...he'll actually sit on the couch and watch it

--dances to music

--really loves books...is interested now and wants to be read to before naptime and bedtime

--is taking pretty good naps...2-3 hours in the afternoon

--always wants to go out in the snow...but once he is out...doesn't know what to do and gets frustrated because he can't move and because he has gloves on

--tries to bounce a basketball

--is realizing he is "too big" for the seat in the shopping carts or his highchair. He much prefers to sit at the table "like a big boy"

--is a good listener and helper: When we say: "Seth it's time to feed kitty...Grant gets the bowl and puts it on the counter. When we say: "it's time to wash your hands for dinner, Seth...Grant goes into the bathroom.

--loves the ball pit at Crazy Pinz and climbs in the tunnels at Burger King
--is growing up WAY TO FAST! He definitely not a baby anymore!

I thought maybe it was time to stop his monthly updates...but I got some flack...and I guess when I think about it...he is learning new things every month.