Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

We were up bright and early...after a very short night. Seth was up until after excited that the Easter Bunny was coming. First thing...hunting for eggs. After Grant's trial run yesterday...he quickly got the hang of it! EGG! EGG! EGG! Each and every egg was so exciting! was time to find the baskets! Grant got a new bubble blower that was pretty exciting stuff! Seth got binders and protectors for his football/basketball cards and some new cards. Plus...throw in the chocolate bunnies and Reese's Eggs...and it was a good start. to a glorious morning at church. As always...the choir/orchestra did an incredible was an amazing time of worship.

Back at home...while I was cooking...Grant discovered jelly beans! He as a very quick fan!

at one point...I think he went into a sugar coma... (Not sure what was going on here...guessing he was just enjoying the moment! Some people roll in money...Grant...rolls in eggs! Time for a photo shoot...I am blessed!
Don't they look so cute...Thanks Grandma for the ADORABLE outfits.

After a yummy lunch of ham, sweet potatoes, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, salad, pineapple fluff, deviled eggs, pickled eggs and beets and was back outside for some more egg hunting with the cousins.

First...the 'babies' had a turn! Grant was a real pro now!

Then the 3 big boys had a turn for their eggs! "Okay kids...stop looking at your baskets filled with candy and stand here nicely while I take your picture!" Yeah, that wasn't a great idea!Then...DESSERT! Grandma made her bunny cake and chocolate pie! I tried cake pops for the first time! It was Grandma's birthday on i wanted to do something special. Not TOTALLY happy with the result...they are a little labor intensive...but the possibilities are endless! We had a record crowd...15 total!

My parents + Andy's mom and Ted +my brother, his wife, Amy, and 3 kids + Amy's parents + the four of us! At times it was times our house felt SO times there was times there were tears...but was a great afternoon. was TOO much for a little boy without a nap! Surprisingly...after sleeping from 4:30-6...he was easily back in bed at 8. The dishes are done...the floors swept...and a GIANT basket of candy sits atop the fridge! It was a glorious day celebrating our risen Savior with my family. We are truly blessed.

Decorating Eggs

After a beautiful day of Easter Egg Hunting, cooking, cleaning (I cleaned the windows, just so I had an opportunity to be outside), planting, car washing and laundering....we decorated eggs after dinner. Seth loves dipping them in the dye...we did 4 dozen...he probably could have done 12 more dozen. Grant...he just loved putting them back in the Styrofoam box when we were done. While the last 6 were in the dye...we went up for bath and left them in to see just HOW DARK we could get them...cause Seth was not much into waiting for them to really take color.

Then...we all watched "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" and had popcorn....then off to bed to read the Easter Story. Love building memories with my family.

Easter Egg Hunt

We have friends who are pastors at a local church. They hosted their 2nd annual community wide Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Since Seth's first Upward flag football game was cancelled due to extremely soggy fields...we were excited to be able to take the boys.

Seth was a man on a soon as they said "go" for the 4-7 year olds...he was gone! We couldn't even find him till it was over.

When the 2000 eggs for the 4-7 years olds were all gone...we found him, with a basket full and a blue sparkly egg!

The Lucky guy was one of only 4 winners of a special Easter Basket! I tell you..that boy wins everything. Here he is with his new basket and Patrick and Kristen, the pastor and his wife

It was a beautiful sunny long awaited after the rain we've had non-stop for days. The eggs were strategically placed...with most of them hidden on a giant hill.

Grant actually had his turn first with the newborns-3 year olds. Grant had NO idea what to do and it took him a while to figure out what to do. I think the hundreds of people running past him through him for a loop.

In the end...he was pretty excited about his eggs...especially when he discovered they had chocolate in them.

It was a fun morning...with our boys!

1000th Post it is...the long awaited 1000th post! I've racked my brain thinking of something creative. I'd do a give-away...but since I still haven't gotten Amber her movie basket from MONTHS ago...I knew that wasn't a good idea. I'd keep thinking...and maybe sooner or later come up with something creative...but I've only done 2 posts in April (and it's already the 24th) and I have a ton of cute Easter're not gettin' anything special.

Just me...grateful...
--for the cyber friends I've made...the heart mom friends I "met" during our journey with Kate.
--for my faithful readers who encourage me to keep blogging
--for those stalkers...those who never comment...but care enough to check in
--for the memories...can't tell you how many times I've gone back...and laughed...and cried
--for a reason to share cute pics of my boys
--and a source to go back and check dates when my memory fails!

It's been almost 4 years...and at the rate I'm could be another 10 before I hit 2000! But who knows...maybe by then I'll have come up with a clever idea.
For now...just look for several posts from Easter...

And thank you...thank you for reading...thank you for sharing in our journey...for enjoying a dip into our lives!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogging Slump???

So my faithful blog readers...I continue to let you down. Another week has gone by and nothin! It's not that we're not busy...and doing stuff...we are! Maybe it's a little bit of a blogging slump...who knows? Spring break was full with redoing the boys rooms, which has gone great! Grant is doing great staying in his big boy room. He does get out of bed when he wakes up...but we are keeping his door closed an he can't open that door he just screams at the door (as opposed to screaming in the crib.) We also cleaned out a ton of you can see...Grant was a HUGE help.....NOT! And luckily, our church's HUGE spring children's clothing and toy resale is this coming weekend. So...we were able tag everything and load it up and take 2 van loads to the church! Hoping to get a nice check on Saturday afternoon...and NOT spend it all shopping at the sale on Friday.

We also had some fun...a lot of one on one time with the boys! Andy and Seth went to Science Central...Seth and me went to see Diary of a Wimpy Grant had time with the other parent. it's back to work and school. Andy is knee deep in academic team. His state competition is coming up in a couple weeks. He actually won the regional meet a couple weeks ago...He's a great coach. Kate's Kart is out of control...grants, ice cream social, board meetings, volunteers...lots of time spent trying to keep my head out of the water.

The weather has been glorious...we've been spending some great time outside! Yesterday we got out the "car" and had a fun time on the driveway. Cousin Nia was here for the cute to see those 2 together! next post marks my 1000th post! Thinking I should do something special...any ideas? Anything you REALLY want me to Faithful readers who have stuck with me over the past 3's your turn to tell me what to say! What have you always wanted to know?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break...I mean Spring Work

It's true...and no matter how hard you wish it wouldn't happen...your little boys grow up! And...ours our growing like we felt it was time...time to do a little room updo! Grant started crawling out of his crib...and that was the final straw. So...our spring break consisted of: Admiring and taking pictures of the incredible mural Grandma (Andy's mom) painted 7 years ago. We were 6 months pregnant and had no idea what we were having. We went with a garden theme. Grandma outdid herself. Nana (my mom) made matching curtains and crib ruffle and changing table cover. It turned out to be a darn cute nursery...our served our 3 little babies well! We went more with the frog theme with Seth and Grant and added more butterflies and flowers for Kate. We HATED to paint over the mural...but it was time! We took lots of pictures.

Note: changing table, crib ruffle, diaper bag, curtains...all for sale! Let me know if interested before I take to church resale on Sunday!

On Friday, April 1 Seth and I tackled the was a PAIN! Friday night we went shopping for new paint!

Saturday Andy did the preliminary stripe. I spent 3 hours at the shed shelving books. Sat. night Andy and I got a date night...which included a yummy dinner at Biagii's and then shopping for Seth's room.

Sunday...Andy painted the blue and green! I deep cleaned the family room, den, dining room a and our bedroom. The boys still played at Grandma & Ted's

Seth was really concerned about "kitty" He loved that Grandma painted her on the mural. Andy...bless his heart...saved the cat!

This was Seth's room...he moved in here when I was 6 months pregant with Kate. It served him well and was in pretty good shape! Perfect for a new little "big" boy to move into! Notice the cool headboard that Grandma painted as well to match the border. (The end table was already removed to repaint.)

Wednesday night...Andy and Seth took out the old carpet. It was old...stained and it seemed like the perfect time to replace it. The boys and I spent the night at Nana's since our upstairs was in complete everything from both rooms was in the playroom and hallway.

And after a LONG day on Thursday...Seth's new BIG BIG boy room was mostly done. The crib backboard is his new headboard (unfortunately, the frame we bought couldn't accomodate the footboard...but at the rate SEth is growing, we'd have to take it off soon anyway.) We still have to buy new poster for the 3rd frame

It looks like such a grown up room to me.

And this is Grant's new "little" big boy room. We repainted his dresser...brought in the rocking chair...cause I'll take the bedtime rocking as long as I can get it... and put up the side rails on the bed.

We've got just a few more things to add... a bulletin board for Seth...we're getting a new comforter for Grant...Grant needs some pictures and stuff for his board. Overall...I'm really happy with how it all turned out! Two special rooms for 2 special boys.

Now...let's just hope they sleep tight! They both look so little in their new bigger beds! I'm sure that won't last long!