Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome "unofficial" summer

What a glorious day to spend at the pool! I picked up Seth (plus 2 boys I'm sitting) and met a friend (and her 2 daughters, one of which is in the boy's class.) They were hot to trot to get in that water..and you would have thought I was putting them through torture when I applied the sunscreen. It was a great couple hours...plus a picnic lunch! Grant did awesome...he played in the kiddie pool most of the time...but later ventured into the big pool with me! He loves jumping into the pool and being thrown in the air! The kid has NO FEAR!

This past holiday weekend was packed full with all sorts of activities

Friday: Andy & Seth went to Portland to put flags on veteran's graves. Grant and I stocked a few Karts and ran some errands

Saturday: Seth had flag football and a birthday party. We all headed back to POrtland at 4 for dinner. The boys stayed...Andy and I put flowers on his family's graves and our little angel. Andy & I headed for home.

Sunday: Slept for 12 hours! GLORIOUS! Had a date lunch (no one got or threw food on me). We went to the gym...relaxed..grilled out...watched a movie

Monday: Andy did yard work..I worked in KK storage unit. PIcked up boys and went to some friends for a cookout!

It was a good mix of fun, work, friends and family!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

And your on in 5...4...3...2...1

What a journey the past 24 hours. As Kate's Kart, were booked to be on Linda Jackson's community program. We were scheduled to tape on Wednesday at 3. She came to get us at about 3:20...because the taping before them was delayed due to the weather.

When we walked into the studio...Curtis Smith was doing a break-in update on the weather. We got the first segment taped...and then it got worse. We started to tape the 2nd and they had to cut so that Curtis could go back on the air. Then...we started again...only to be stopped once again because of another tornado. By this time, my mom was outside in the van with the boys...I went to tell them it could be a while...when the executive producer said..."let's reschedule" because there were lots more storms coming...and it could have been hours before we were able to get the whole thing taped.

So...today we went back at 3! One of our many dedicated volunteers, Melissa, went with me. We had about 18 minutes to try and talk about Kate...how it started...where we are at now...the board of directors...inventory the books...testimonies of the families...and our ice cream social. Once we were actually able to continue taping...it went REALLY fast. I was a nervous wreck the whole time...there are monitors EVERYWHERE...and you look up and there you are! YIKES!!!

I think it went well...and hopefully we were able to touch on a little bit of of the WHOLE aspect of Kate's Kart.

The funniest part...yesterday...during of the several "break-ins" by Curtis...they wanted a certain camera angle that required us to DUCK! So...here are the 3 of us...with our heads down on the newsdesk...we were cracking up. Luckily, things like that broke the tension a little bit. Plus...Linda is just the NICEST person...so caring. We were able to joke around a little which helped...but honestly...I am scared to death to watch this...I'm sure watching it will be an eternity!

Who would have ever THUNK we would have come THIS far? So...can't believe I'm sharing this..but you can watch this on channel 33 on
May 28 at 6:09 pm
May 29 at 11:09 pm
June 4 at 11:09
June 5 at 6:09

Friday, May 20, 2011

Andy & Me

So..you've had a little update on the boys! Andy and I are just as busy!


--placed in the Top 10 in the state with his academic team. He works hard with them, spending many days after school.

--planted our garden and more herbs in our herb garden

--got the association pool up and going and it passed the Board of Health inspection with flying colors. Right now...he has a small break before it opens full time next weekend and then the 2x daily checks start

--is coaching Seth's Upward Football Team!


--worked our church resale last month. I am the committee head for break down. It's a long day on Saturday but we've got a system now and it really goes pretty well. We were able to buy a lot of clothes for our boys...and sold a bunch of stuff as well! Good news...we made more than we spent!

--is working on planning the 3rd Annual Ice Cream Social. It's coming along great! We've had a great response from sponsors this year and have been able to add some exciting things. Even though I have a great committee planning it as well...it's a lot of work...and phone calls...and emails..and record keeping.

--took on VBS at our church! Yes...last year I said "yes" when asked to Direct VBS. It's quickly approaching in July (10-14) and I am trying to get all my volunteers together. We've got some exciting stuff planned and it's going to be a great week...but it's a lot of work!

--continues to be amazed and (over)whelmed at responses to Kate's Kart and the amount of work it requires. It's all good...but it's been a busy busy few months.

Wow...worn out just thinking about it! Time for bed!


Wow, do I love this kid! Wow...he is growing up way too fast! He has been quite busy lately...being a almost 7 year old!

--the other day was Bubble Day at school. His class spent the morning blowing bubbles, building special bubbles, measuring bubbles, reading about bubbles. Grant was exceptionally well behaved in his stroller...so it was great that I got to go and just watch him having fun with all this friends. He loved building a huge bubble connecting 7 plates all together.

--is playing Upward Flag Football. We got a slow start to the year due to all the rain...we're 1/2 way through the season and he seems to be enjoying it! Andy is coaching and I think it's really cool that Seth thinks that is super neat!

--is becoming quite the reader. It's amazing to me at how he has just "caught" on this year. He can easily read 1st readers now. I've realized I now need to be careful what I type and what I leave out...cause he can usually figure it out. He still loves to be read to...but has made huge progress reading himself. He continues to LOVE math and loves doing math problems in the car or while making dinner! The other day at Target...he told me the Easter Clearance items would now be .24. He saw the 75% off sign from 99 cents! Really...he's thinking percentage already?

Throughout the year he has been reading and was awarded a free ticket to the TinCaps game. We all went and even though I turned in the ticket late...we had AWESOME seats...front row right above the dugout. Too bad that it rained and the game didn't even start till 8. By 9...we were all soaked..so we left early..but still had a great time while we were there.

--A couple weeks ago he got to go to school ALL DAY and ride the bus home! He was pretty excited. He had a great day...but he was WIPED out. That night...I would randomly find him laying down all over the house, including the kitchen floor.

--is a hard worker. On random days he chooses to do some sort of organization. Today...he cleaned out the DVD cabinet...checking all the cases and making sure they were all there. The other day it was the playroom. He is such a great brother and OFTEN cleans up after his brother who finds complete joy in wrecking the house. He is a hard worker.

--passed the swimming test tonight at the Y! They started a new policy where the kids have to take a small swimming test to go down the slide. At first he didn't want to do it...and got all sad...but after a little convincing he did it and did GREAT!

--has a new fascination with football and baseball and basketball cards.

--loves working in the shed with me for Kate's Kart.

--is diligently making his birthday list...everyday he goes to the computer and adds something else.

Friday, May 6, 2011

21 & 22 Months

I've slacked with Grant's posts...I missed last month and this one is late...oh well! At 21 and 22 months Grant:

--has been successfully "pooping" on the potty for over 2 weeks. I am just amazed...he tells me when he has to go...and most of the time he does. He has only gone in his diaper I think twice in 2 weeks. And just the past couple days...he wants to sit on the potty when he has to go #1. He by no means has it all down...but he is way ahead of the game. He is so cute...jsut sitting there. Really...could my little guy get totally potty trained this summer? He isn't even 2 yet?

--loves ELMO! He obessessed and wants to watch everyday!

--talks all the time...he tries to repeat anything you say

--loves balls!

--is still a BITER and has left several marks on his cousin
--jumped on a trampoline...loved it! "Jump...Jump...Jump"

--LOVES it outside...loves going for walks while riding his little push bike
--LOVES pushing buttons: the garage door, the door that closes the van, elevators

--is sleeping in a twin bed (as of the first of April) He is doing great. He has only gotten out of bed once during nap time. He does bang on the door and cry when he is ready to get out...who knows what will happen once he learns to open the door?

--got his first haircut in a haircut place...Sports Clips! Between the tvs and suckers...we kept him occupied.

--is so stickin cute...if he starts to hit and you say, "no"...he says "hug" and hugs you instead

--is NOT enjoyable at all at restaurants. He doesn't like the highchair...and doesn't stay sitting in a booster. I often have a very grubby little eater on my lap during the meal

--Knows that he gets a cookie at the grocery...a sucker at the bank and immediately begins shouting "cookie" or "sucker" when going in!

--LOVES candy and suckers

--LOVED hunting for eggs at Easter--so cute carrying around his basket

--loves dancing to music

--plays Ring around the Rosie

--knows his friends names at church--specifically Sophia and Jacob

--plays fun games with his cousin who has beeen coming a couple times a week: yells "bye duck" out the window...dances on the coffeetable...wiggles lips and claps twice!

--is not a breakfast eater

Moo! Baa! Neigh!

After school today, the whole family headed to the zoo. It had been a typical rainy/sunny afternoon but we decided to give it a shot. We got there...bought our season pass for the summer and headed to check out the African section...and it began to downpour.

So...we decided to head to the covered areas...and explored the aquarium in Australia. By the time we got out of there... the sun was shining and we had the zoo almost entirely to ourselves for the last 1/2 hour.

Grant was lovin' every minute of it...he just kept saying the animals names or their sound: shark...fish...duck...bird...mooo....baaa! I can't wait to take him back this summer when more of the animals are out. He is at the perfect age. We hadn't been to the zoo with him for almost a year. Back then he could really care less...Now...he notices every animal.

The highlite of the afternoon....a peacock showing off for the girls! How cool are they? It's sure to be a fun spring at the zoo.