Friday, January 6, 2012

The end of 11...the start of 12

It's been 2 weeks since!   We had a busy week after Christmas...
Seth had a skating party at the ice rink with his school.   He and I went with some friends, grabbed  a quick dinner and skated the night away...well Seth skated.  He did pretty well...and is anxious to go again.  He had a blast with his best bud Nathan!

 Of course we spent time playing with our new toys and moving the double basketball shoot game upstairs (that was a complete joy (NOT)....according to will now be sold with the house)  Amazingly, it doesn't take up the whole room, especially when it is folded up.   One of Grant's favorite's is his new painting set!  Seth joined in the fun too!

 a masterpiece in the works!
 We did visit some friends in New Castle...spent time just talking, bouncing at a bounce zone and dining on Pizza King pizza.  Plus...Andy got me a NOOK, so we've all been playing Angry Birds...and trying to improve our finger swipe, now that we have "one of them fancy things!"

New Year's was spent quietly with our family.  We did go out to dinner...drove through the Festival of Lights one last time and grabbed some YoYo's...before coming home to spend a quiet night in front of the fire reading.   Grant was out by 9....Seth was excited to stay up.  The 3 of us toasted in the new year with some sparkling grape juice!   Welcome 2012
 Then the fun of taking down the Christmas decor.  We had noticed this earlier, but was reminded when we took down the tree.   Grant has been randomly finding paci's all over the house.   He found these 2 and put them on the tree!  Isn't that adorable.  He had no "urge" to use them...he said those we when he was a "baby!"
 Andy went back to school on Tuesday...and it snowed so the boys and I played outside.  It wasn't the best snow for playing in...but of course fun can be had with boys and snow...even if it doesn't pack or throw!  In fact...Grant preferred "mowing" the snow.

So...Andy's been back 4 days...Seth 3!   Grant and I are trying to get into our normal routine again, which will include more time at the Y and leading a toddler music/dance program at church.   We topped off our first Friday night of the new year in our old style:   swimming at the Y, pizza, movie and popcorn.   We got a new DVD/VCR player for Christmas so we pulled out an old VHS tape...Toy Story...what a classic.

We're looking forward to a weekend with not much on the calendar...before basketball season starts up.


Kathy said...

I really can't believe how big those boys are getting! (you're feeding them too good)!

and your snow..always kills me. Although, now that we're in Reno, I expect to FINALLY see real snow...(and you know that I can't drive in this stuff).