Friday, January 20, 2012

Kate's Angel Day

Last Sunday was Kate's angel day.   It is still hard to believe that it has been 4 years.    In some ways the time has flown other's seem like forever since I've held her.  It was a pretty normal Sunday...we went to church.  Seth had a quizzing party all Andy, Grant and I had a lazy afternoon.  
After picking up Seth, we went and bought some balloons.   We each wrote a special note and tied it to the balloons.   I was especially touched by Seth's note.
 Grant was really excited...he is beginning to understand that he has a sister that lives with "baby Jesus"in heaven.   He drew her a picture.

We went outside and let them's become our little tradition.
Grant wasn't so sure about letting the balloon go.

 Then of course we had to honor Kate with some ice cream.
 So thankful for my boys.
I love what our webdesigner put on the Kate's Kart website:
 As each year passes, Kate's memory does not fade, but grows stronger and brighter through her legacy which has given thousands of hospitalized children and their families the simple gift of a smile.  Thanks Laura...well said!


Kelly said...

Happy Angel Day sweet baby Kate.

((Hugs to Kate's incredible Mommy & Daddy!))