Sunday, January 29, 2012

Momma Kitty

RIP Momma Kitty
Momma Kitty has been a part of our lives for many years.  She was a stray that showed up at Andy's house long before we even met.  She was pregnant (hence the name Momma). 
Overall she was a great kitty...barring an incident a few years ago when she had a bladder infection and chose our brand new carpet as a litter box. 
The past year or so, we've noticed that she was getting older...throwing up a lot.   And...she started urinating in the house...once right in front of Andy. 
So, as hard of a decision as it was...Kitty was put to sleep last weekend. 

She brought a lot of joy to our house (a few sneezes for me too) but the joy she brought the kids was well worth it.
Seth ADORED her...and often petted her.  Here he is letting her talk on the phone.   He used to plan birthday parties for her.   He did even decide to cut her hair one time when he was 3...his aim was a little off and he ended up nicking her ear.   I will always remember how he sucked his thumb whenever he petted her.  And...we can't forget the responsibility he learned when feeding her. 

Grant also loved kitty...most of the time.  He had plenty of time in "time out" for kicking her...they seemed to "tolerate" each other at times.   Now...he tells us that kitty is with baby Jesus and won't be coming home.    He loved getting ice cubes out of the freezer and putting them in her bowl.
Even Kate adored kitty....I remember one time when she would pulled on her hair and then tried to eat it...her mouth was full of hair.

Kitty will always have a place in our home...she was painted into the mural in the nursery by Grandma.  Andy "saved" kitty when we redid the room....she will always be right there, right next to Seth's bed.

She was a beautiful cat...and overall a good one.  We miss you Kitty!


Shannon said...

So sorry for you guys! I still have the photo you took of Jaden at 18 months with Kitty :o)

Anonymous said...

Sparky would love to be an inside cat, and all he needs done is his
front claws, everything else has been taken care of.
Also,he loves the boys.