Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching Up

Oops...not in a very good blogging rhythm yet this year.   Highlights of the past few weeks:

1.  Touring the new Parkview Regional Medical Center for Kate's Kart.  That place is amazing...the technology (including robots) is beyond this world.

2.  Date night with Andy. The boys went to Grandma and Grandpa Ted's for a night.  We went to dinner and out to a movie...can't remember the last adult movie we saw in a theatre!  Saw The was good...but oh the ending made me mad.

3.  Seth's basketball season is in full swing.  Andy is coaching.   We missed his 1st game because of the hospital training...but saw him last week.  The boy is on FIRE!   Can't wait to see him tomorrow.  This past week the Mad Ants came and  ran practice.   Andy was quite excited about their assistant coach (Christian Laettner) coming.

4. Crazy weather:   we're outside bundled up building snowmen in an unexpected snowfall on Saturday...and playing basketball outside in sweatshirts on Sunday.   It's been a very mild winter..not much sledding or skiing at all.

5.  Quiet weekends at home.  Grant was sick last weekend...spent time watching movies and just relaxing.

6.  Kate's Kart continues to be booming....lots of time in the shed, buying books and traveling all over northern Indiana doing presentations.

7. Geography Bowl...Andy led several girls in a district wide competition...they came in 2nd.   Now...he is in full swing for Academic Bowl.

Nothing earth shattering...just living life...watching my boys grow up to fast.