Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Andy

Last weekend was Andy's 43rd birthday!   Seth and Andy had their basketball game in the morning and then Andy picked Dawson's Dogs for a  quick lunch after the game.    We relaxed in the afternoon...Andy got a nap and a trip to the Y...2 of his favorite things.

Then...dinner at O'Charley's with my parents and back to our house for cake, ice cream and presents.   Andy chose a German Chocolate Cake...I made it from scratch and everyone was really pleased with the result.   Then...we spent some time playing with his new toy...a ROKU box...which basically allows us to stream through our TV.  So, now we can watch netflix, etc without hooking up our laptop.  Plus, it has all sorts of other channels we can now stream....kinda fun to play with.

 Grant was upset because he had blown out the candles, and we all told him "no!"   He is so fascinated with candles and wants them blown out the minute he sees waiting for the birthday song.
 the yummy yummy cake
Helping daddy blow out the candles...again!

It was nice relaxing day celebrating Andy!  He certainly deserves it.


Anonymous said...

The cake was excellent!