Sunday, February 19, 2012

My little Valentines

The Monday before Valentine's Day...I hosted our church's preschool pals group at our home.  We decorated cookies with 7 2-5 year olds.  It was a lot of fun and Grant really enjoyed all his "friends' coming to his house for a little party of his own. 
 On Valentine's Day...Grant and I went into school and hung out for a little during Seth's party at school.  They played several games, did a little craft and as you can tell...loaded up on sweets.
That morning...Seth had a delay but Andy didn't.  He surprised us all by getting up early and bringing home fresh flowers, a fresh muffin for me and doughnuts for the boys.   What a special treat.

The four of us stayed home and celebrated that night with a nice dinner...I made crab legs, baked potato, asparagus and chocolate covered strawberries.  It was a nice night to just love on my boys.