Friday, February 10, 2012

A whole new look.

The time had come for us to replace the carpet in the living room that kitty had her "issue" with a couple weeks ago.   And...the carpet in our family room had never been replaced and was definietly showing it's age and wear. So...we bit the bullet and replaced both.   Thursday night the whole family tore out the old stuff.
We have quite a pair of workers.   Grant was always asking for little pieces that he could carry to the garage.

Working in the family room...yes...I think that is all the dust from pulling up 20 plus year old could see it the air.

 Grant was too 1 point he went upstairs to his tool bencj and brought down his own tools...including his razor cutter.  That boy is SHARP!  He knew exactly which of his 15 tools he needed.
Enjoying a little snack on the fireplace after it was all done...because.....
 this is what the dining area looked like....which also resulted in....
 Grant finding a new and exciting place to eat snack AND lunch.  He thought he was big stuff.
 So after a long night last night...and a long day today putting everything back (only after cleaning, wiping, sorting, trashing, purging and organizing EVERYTHING that went back in)...we have 2 very nice and cozy and clean rooms.   Glad to have a carpet that will "hide" a few more things than the last. 


Kristen said...

looks nice! WE need new carpet too but I just can't bite that bullet yet. Instead we're doing new tile flooring in bathrooms and kitchen.... which I'm sure will make the carpet look even worse! lol

Jackie said...

I think you have about the same colour carpet as me! It hides everything.... and I mean - everything!! I replaced mine a few years ago after I had a burst water pipe which flooded the whole downstairs. Thank goodness for insurance!