Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well...this new year we ventured into the world of orthodontics.   We spent last fall visiting several offices and heard the same thing from all 3!  Seth's bite is off and he has NO room for his top teeth to come in.   So began....stage 1 of phase 1 (yes, they are quick to tell us, this is just phase 1, and phase 2 may occur during his adolescent years!  YEAH!)

After a series of 4 appointments over about 6 weeks...he was finally fitted with an expander.   It's a metal bar that attaches to his top back teeth...and for 2 weeks, twice a day I would crank it and it would slowly expand...thus expanding the roof of his mouth.   And amazingly...with very little discomfort on his part (which surprised me since it actually breaks the cartilage in the nose)...we ended up with quite a little gap.

And now...we are on stage 2 of phase 1...fixing the bite.   He wears a metal face mask at night that pulls his upper jaw out.  He's not quite brave enough for a picture...maybe at the end of the 6 weeks when it is all over.   And then....stage 3...correcting that gap with actual brackets.  FUN FUN!

He is doing really well..has never complained and does his best to accommodate eating and talking (which both have proven a little difficult at times).   He is so patient with me...especially as I try and connect his face mask with those 4 tiny little rubber bands and end up snapping him in the lips endless times.

I'm sure it will all pay off...a beautiful smile someday (prayerfully without Phase 2) for my beautiful boy.


Deanna said...

Hi friend. This might seem odd, but this post was so encouraging to me. The dentist (two dentists, actually) has told us over and over again to save for braces.... and the expander stage with Isaac because his mouth is so itty bitty. It just sounds SO painful, so I am thankful to hear that it has caused minimal discomfort to your little guy! It gives me encouragement that we will make it when we get to that stage, too!