Monday, April 9, 2012

Amazing Weather

Our spring this year has been AMAZING.   First of all, our winter was so mild.  I hardly remember any snow sticking around for more than a day.   Spring came early... in fact it was still "winter" and we were wearing shorts and spending a lot of time outside.

We got down Seth's old bike and put back on the training wheels.   Grant was excited to get on...but wasn't too interested in pedaling.  It won't be long...I bet by early summer he'll be off and going.
 In case you were wondering..this is the "proper dress" when it is 80degrees on the last day of winter!  

 He loves to bounce his balls...I think we've got another athlete on our hands.
 In fact...we've mowed several times now!   Love this image of my two boys.
 And last week it was super nice again.   We were cleaning off the porch furniture with the hose...and the boys were begging to play in the water.  You know..when they keep coming over to the hose and spraying it every time I placed it down.   We gave in and they had a impromptu blast creating their own early April!  Crazy!

 And...since we're out all the time...we get a chance to play with the neighbors.  This day, the older girl across the street invited Grant to take a ride!
 and then..they were off!   OH MY GOODNESS!  
It really has been strange....I never have remembered 90 degree days in March...let alone 5 in a row.   It's been great...but it's really hard to get things done in the home (like blogging) when you want to be outside all the time.   I just hope this doesn't mean we are going to have a SUPER HOT SUMMER!