Monday, April 9, 2012

Brown County

Part of our Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Ted was a little trip to Brown County!  We left mid-morning and drove down to the park. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch...and that place makes me miss Kate so much!  They have THE CUTEST dresses, especially at the holidays.  Oh how cute she would have been dressed up in her (25) Easter dresses.

We got to the park around 2..but they were pretty packed and our rooms weren't available yet.  So...we headed out on a hike.  Grant was a real trooper and walked almost the entire mile..and it was hilly!
 Seth was never on the trail...always finding something to climb!  Gotta love boys!

 We checked into our rooms at the Inn at the park and then went and had a yummy buffet dinner at their Inn restaurant. Then...a hour or so of swimming in the waterpark before heading to bed!

Tuesday we woke up...ate another BUFFET meal for breakfast and headed to the nature center.  Grant was making friends with the snakes.

Then....another mile hike around a lake!  It was a great hike with lots to see, including this waterfall
 lots of bridges for us to stick our heads through...
 a few "muddy" spots which meant we needed to take the "high" road!
 It was beautiful...over 80 degrees and sunny!  Just perfect.
 The beavers were really active...Grant was checking out their artwork
 and strolling along "enjoying" nature with Grandma
 and watching the sticks he threw in the water go under the bridge!  He was CONSTANTLY picking up every stick and looking for a stream to throw them in.  If he couldn't find a stream, he would just carry the sticks until he found one.

 Then...we drove around and looked at a couple views...I can only imagine this place in the fall!  I've heard it is quite the popular place.  Grandma even decided to buy some very overpriced turkey and chips in the camp store and we had a little picnic outside for lunch.
Off to find the tower and climb for a pretty view

 and climb down...
 and another hike...with more pretty views!
 Then....back to the Inn for a quick nap before heading to go swimming again.  But...there was an "accident" in the pool and it was closed for the evening.   So instead...we played a little cornhole and enjoyed the beauty of the park and the weather.  It wasn't such a bad thing.
 After another dinner at the buffet...and a boys only hike while the girls chatted on the porch swing...we played some games and hit the sack.

The pool opened early on Wednesday so we were up and at the pool by 8!
 It's a nice little waterpark...with basketball and a lazy river, hot tub and a perfect place for Grant to just play in some fountains.  And a great waterslide too!

 We got cleaned up...ate our last buffet breakfast!  (NO MORE BUFFETS!) and packed up.    We drove a few minutes to find the Bean Blossom Covered Bridge..the most photographed covered bridge in Indiana.  It was quaint...with a gorgeous view.

Then....the 3 hour drive home.

It was  a great little get-away....we were definitely blessed with beautiful weather.  And the boys were super...especially with all the hiking we did.  They are definitely adventure boys...they love to be on the go!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Ted....for a great spring break getaway!


Shannon said...

Looks relaxing! I would love to go there some day!