Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dying Eggs

Thursday night we decorated Easter Eggs.  This is always so exciting for the boys...I guess there is something magical about the eggs turning colors.  We didn't do anything too fancy....just regular colors and a white crayon. We had 3 dozen and they had them done in no time flat! 
 Grant was all about getting them in and out of the dye! Not much patience on his end!
 Seth (aka Mr. Cool) was more about trying to get some darker, richer colors
Grant also decided he didn't want to mess with the spoon or dippers...hence, the very green tint to his hands!
 It was a fun way to spend the evening...and since both boys discovered they love hard boiled eggs, especially for won't take long at all for these to be gone.
Yes....there were no smiles from Grant at this point...he was way too distraught when we were all done to smile.