Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday morning we attended the Easter Egg Hunt hosted by some friends of ours from Triple Point Church.  They do a really nice job...they have 5,000 eggs.   The kids have an opportunity to play on the playground before the craziness sets in!

Grant was in the birth-3 year old session.   The eggs were just laying in the ground...and it didn't take Grant long to figure it all out!  In fact..he even went for the 2 hand approach.
 However...before all the eggs were gone...he said he was "done!"  I think he was anxious to see what exactly was inside his eggs! was Seth's turn in the 4-7 category.   This was a little more cut-throat.  At the sound of the buzzer...they were off!
 Seth had the "Plan" to go far fast and get past the crowd!
 He too ended up with a nice basket of's amazing how fast 2000 eggs can be picked up by a couple hundred kids.
 It was a glorious sunny fact....a little too sunny for the boys.

 And before we left...1 quick photo with the Easter Bunny. was all the candy you could unwrap and eat on the way home!

Yeah for an opportunity to have a little Easter Fun!