Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Lunch with Family

After a wonderful service celebrating our Risen Saviour...we came home to get ready for the PARTY! 
Grant chose to play with his new net...crazy kid!
Then...of course mommy had to try and get some great cute are they?

 And of the family
 and 1 more on the porch!  Are you sensing who is the "ham" in the family?
 Then my parents, my brother's family and Andy's mom and husband all came for lunch.  It's always been our tradition to host Easter.

Nia just happened to have on a dress that almost perfectly matched Grant's shirt!  Seriously...they could be twins!
 After a yummy lunch (the traditional of course:  ham, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, sweet potatoes, pineapple casserole and EGGS!) we headed out for another egg hunt!    First it was Grant and Nia's turn!  The older boys didn't give them much opportunity to find them on their own!  There was a lot of: "Grant, this way!"  "Nia, look!"

 They are so cute together...they had to tell each other and show each other each egg they found!

 Then...the older boys!   It's a little more fast paced!

 Fortunately, during the older boys hunt...the "babies" checked out their loot!  I wonder how long they will be the babies? just happened to be Nia's 3rd birthday!    So...we had to celebrate her!

It's fun...we have the "big boy" table....
 and the little kid glad they all have "buddies' their age!  Grant and Nia are really learning to play well together!   So glad they have each other to "grow up with"

!Then...after everyone was gone...and the mess cleaned up...and a quick nap on the couch was taken...and a quick dinner...of course they had to have a bite of the their bunnies! What is Easter without a chocolate bunny? Actually for's much more about the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs!

What a glorious day with family...those we love the most!   But even more...what a glorious day celebrating our Risen Savior..who loved us the MOST and gave us ETERNAL LIFE with him.  Rejoicing today, knowing that because of His death...and that he conquered death and sin...we WILL be with Kate eternally!    There is always just 1 basket missing...1 cute little Easter dress not bought...1 little red-head girl not battling her way for her eggs! 
Thank You Jesus for celebrating with our Kate today!


adham wira said...

I want to see him to get braces.. :D

adham wira said...

I want to see him to get braces.. :D