Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning!

I love that our boys are old enough to remember traditions (okay, maybe only Seth) but still...I love it's always fun for me to hear Seth says things like: " I hope we do it this way...or etc.)

The boys wake up on Easter Morning to have a hunt for their Easter Basket...Grant was so excited to find his....
 Especially with a new digger, net and 4 Mighty Machine Movies (and some shoes...the Easter Bunny was practical this year
 Seth was excited too...once he found it!  His included tickets to the IU/Notre Dame Soccer Game and some stickers for his NFL book (plus shoes, of course)

 Then it was time to hunt the "Real" dyed eggs that the Easter Bunny hides inside.   Grant was always so excited:  I wish we would have taped his little voice:  "Here's one"   "I found one"

Then...time to get cleaned up and head to church....betcha cant' wait to see my cuties in their matching outfits!   I really wonder  how long I'll be able to pull this off!