Monday, April 9, 2012

Grant's social life

Grant and I are getting involved in several programs/activites at church which give him quite the social life.    ONce a month, moms with preschoolers gather together for a playtime/social time.   Back in February, we hosted and made Valentine cookies.  Grant loved having his friends come to his house.

 And...2x a month, I lead a new program at church.  It is called Teeny Tikes and Tunes and is basically a song/dance/movement time for toddlers.  We sing songs, play instruments, do finger plays, and just dance and be crazy.   We've been doing it since January and it is going well.  Several new moms have come and I've had the chance to meet some new faces at church.   So many times, it seems like Grant is drug to Seth's games/activities/school I LOVE that he has this that he calls his own.

Last month, he was invited to his first "non-family" birthday party.  It was all kids from even though we was one of the younger ones...he did really well.   However...he did want to be right there with Jacob for the cake and candles!
 Eating some yummy cake with all his ladies!'s pirate Grant!
 Jacob's mom did such a great job of making hats, and patches and taking them on a treasure hunt...I love this picture though...none of them are real comfortable with the patches on their eyes.
Plus...with MOPS 2x a month (when I don't have Kate's Kart or a kid is sick) and child-care at the Y (3-4 x a week) and a little neighbor girl who he plays with a lot...he has quite the social life!    He's doing much better getting along and not fighting when he doesn't get his way.    Which is good...cause back in February we signed him up for preschool!  YIKES...2 days a week...a nice easy transition.  He is so excited about going to his school....only 5 more months buddy!