Monday, April 9, 2012


So...I think I'm caught up on my blogs.   I'm not sure who is reading anymore...but it is my journal...I spend some sleepless nights going back and looking at how far we've come...where we were...where we are!   So it's good to have the record of Jan-April caught up. 

Life is busy.  Our lives are busy.  I know I put a lot of it on myself.  That's my personality.  But all just seems overwhelming.   As always...Kate's Kart adds a lot to my "to-do" list and keeps me up late at night.    It's all good...but, this can be a lot of work.

We had our 1st ever scrap-a-thon last month.   Another volunteer did most of the work, but still there is always things to be done.  It was good...not as great as we hoped..but it was still good.   I had grandiose plans to scrap all these pictures.

Well, that didn't happen.   Not only is that unrealistic, but I also came down with some sort of flu-bug that really knocked me out on Saturday.  And you know it must be bad if I leave to take a nap.  I did get Seth's 6 book done...but still have Grant's 1 and 2 and now most of Seth's 8.  Oh well...someday I may get caught up.

Plus...we had a big switch with the opening of the new PRMC (Parkview Regional Medical Center).  Not only did we need to attend  a 4 hour orientation, but just figuring out how we are going to utilize volunteers, making sure they attended orientation and getting the karts's been a whirlwind.

--applying for 3 grants within 3 weeks of each other (again great volunteers helping)
--driving all over northeast Indiana picking up books, meeting people who did book drives, stocking karts
--planning our 4th annual Ice Cream Social for June 16th.
--keeping up with purchasing/stocking/inventorying books when giving out 1200-1400 books a month
--attending lots of school assembles, doing presentations
--stocking 2 major hospitals with books on a weekly basis
--and just the daily emails, phone calls and thank you's amaze me at times.  

I'm not complaining...really I'm not!  And I know I say it all the time...Who would have thought?  It is crazy...and sometimes when I  literally have paperwork spread all over the couch...I do get overwhelmed. 

But then...God steps in.

A couple weeks ago I was at that 'overwhelmed' time again.  I was upstairs in bed, on the laptop returning emails.  I got a message on FaceBook from the mom of the boy who got the very first Kate's Kart book almost 4 years ago.  She commented on the impact that book has made in his valuable that book is. How much they cherish that book.  

And then... a few more emails from families who received books a couple years ago.....but yet felt convicted to let us know NOW that they still see that book as a blessing.  They still remember how that book brought a little peace and comfort during a really uncertain time.

And doesn't seem quite to overwhelming.   Yeah....I'm still knee-deep and my "to-do" list will NEVER get done....but lives are being changed...affected...encouraged.  And it makes it all a little better.

And only God...could have orchestrated this whole thing...allowing that very first boy to receive a have a mom who for some reason KNEW at that very moment...she needed to let us know what a difference KK is making.  At that moment...when I needed it most.  ONLY GOD.

So...the blogging gets put on hold...spring cleaning hasn't been done...books need to be put away...and sometimes I forget something I was supposed to do...or don't return the email right away.  But it's okay.  One day at a time is all I can do...and for now..that is OKAY!


Anonymous said...


I *loved* catching up on your blog posts this morning!! Don't feel bad for not posting regularly... we all get busy with life "stuff" and time flies by.

Just know that there are lots of us who love reading about your happy family & wish you well. I love seeing pictures of your boys growing up... I always laugh when I see Grant's forced, "cheesy" smile!! :)

Make sure you have Saturday, June 30 marked on your calendar for Greg & I to have lunch with you in Fort Wayne on our way up to Michigan for my dad's wedding. I can't wait to see you!! :)


Anonymous said...

WOW! All those posts in just a little over an hour.
Love It.

Jackie said...

I read it!!! I get a notification whenever you update your blog, so I always read it. I'm often using my phone though and commenting is not easy on there.

i tried to comment this morning when I read your catch up posts, but my phone wasn't playing ball so I gave up and waited until I switched the desktop on this evening.

I'm not surprised you're overwhelmed at times to be honest. It sounds like KK is pretty much ready for some paid staff, but as always, money is the problem with that. You can only do what you can do though Krista, so don't beat yourself up. What you do is amazing and what you have achieved so far is incredible. I can't imagine having such an impact on that little boy's life that after all this time, his Mum feels the need to contact you about it. What you're doing is huge.... Kate's legacy is huge!!