Saturday, May 5, 2012

Digger Boy

Boy, does this little guy LOVE TO DIG!   He spends almost every day digging somewhere in our yard.   As we plant more flowers and begin filling the garden, the areas are becoming more and more limited.   The other day, Grant and I went outside to finish edging one of the flower beds.

This shovel was the single best gift we could have ever bought him! 
 And obviously, he isn't afraid of worms.   He was quite diligent about moving all the worms to a different garden.   He'd find one and take it somewhere...and come back for another and put it somewhere else.  I'm sure he moved well over 25 worms that afternoon.
 And he was so cute when he said..."look mom,  I have fingernails"  
 More digging....and hauling the dirt!  Yep...we've entered the "bath everynight" time of the year.  
 It does amaze what help a determined 2 year old can be...he is definitely a hard worker.


Jackie said...

Gardening.... definitely a skill to encourage!! He looks like he's having a great time!