Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mulch...spreading and chopping!

 Earlier this month...we had 3 yards of mulch delivered.   Seth and Andy were at school...and Grant was choppin' at the bit to get out and get to work!  So....on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, Grant and I headed outside to see what we could get done!  He was an amazing help...he loves to work!

 A couple hours later, Seth got home and helped us finish up the last bit! the time Andy got home we were on our very last load.   It was a nice surprise for Andy since he has been super busy with the end of school.  I love the look of fresh mulch!  It's actually one of very few "yardwork" jobs I enjoy.

Then... a few days later, our neighbors 2 doors down took down 9 trees!   YIKES...glad it wasn't us...but it provided a couple hours of fun for the boys!   Their chopper/mulcher is one serious one point they put a complete 20 foot pine tree in...all at once!

 And...of course the machinery was cool too...and men climbing trees...and lots of noise.