Saturday, May 5, 2012

State Bible Quiz

All year long Seth has been participating in Bible Quizzing at Church.  He has attended 4 district or area quizzes since November.   He has done extremely well...and at the last district quiz he was in the Top Ten.  He earned that by having 2 perfect rounds. That honor allowed him to compete in the state quiz meet in Indianapolis today.

We drove down, arrived at the church and he was excited and positive about the competition. We have been working really hard...and he practices the questions almost every night before bed.  In fact...he and Andy even had a cut-throat competition last night.
 He is asked 2 rounds of 15 questions.  He has to pull the correct number corresponding with the correct answer out of his box.   It was NO surprise that he got himself 2 perfect rounds today.  That gave him a state all star ribbon (only about 7 kids out of 45 or so 1st-3rd graders got his award).  He was also part of the winning district. 
 There were 4 kids from our church today....2 in red level and 2 in blue.  They all did awesome...thanks to some very dedicated coaches who work all year preparing them for competition.
We are SO proud of our guy.  So proud he chooses this over his first flag football game.  So proud he has such a desire to learn...and to memorize God's scripture.

We did have a little disappointment today.   We originally thought we might go down and spend the night in Indy.  Well...we learned it was the Indy Mini Marathon and no rooms were available.  I knew the race went around the Indy speedway and I "thought" that was faraway from downtown.   So...we had plans to go walk the canal.   Guess not...evidently it isn't that far away and downtown was CRAZY and every other road was blocked off.   So...we came home with a very disappointed little guy.   But...he got to have a friend sleep over tonight and that cheered him up a little!


Jackie said...

YAY!!! Well done Seth!!! Way to go!!!