Friday, June 1, 2012


I don't remember where I heard about this idea...probably on somebody's blog.  I loved it and thought it would be a great way to stay intentional with the boys during the summer. Since Andy is home, we tend to get OUR list of what we want to get accomplished...but sometimes forget to just play with the boys.  So this year, we made another one and have grandious plans to accomplish them all!

 We started on day 1 with washing the van in the driveway...we seldom do this, not sure's always a great opportunity to cool off...especially when it's like 90 degrees by 9 am!

 Grant got everythin wet...except the van!

And once Seth saw pillow fight on the list...we HAD to do that one right away!  So after baths...we all grabbed our pillows and went at it.   Seemed like forever to mom and dad...but WAY to short for 2 crazy little boys.

LOVE LOVE LOVE building memories with my boys!


Deanna said...

I love your list!! :)

Shannon said...

SO fun! We're totally going to have to do a summer list, too! Thanks for the idea :o)

Jackie said...

What a great list! I have to admit to not knowing what some of the things are though.... I hope you achieve it all this summer!