Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Seth

Can't believe boy is 8!  We are seriously getting into the years that  you remember...forever!   It is my prayer that Seth has very fond memories of growing up...and his family...and of his birthdays.  Even though it wasn't the year for a big friend bash...we tried hard to make it special.

First thing...breakfast cinnamon rolls
(however, we learned we are NOT fans of Aldi brand, some things I guess you just can't go cheap on)

 Then we made his cake and he helped...for the most between trips outside to play soccer with dad!

That afternoon he chose McDonalds for lunch and then we went swimming with a couple of his friends.  Then....back home to get cleaned up for family.  After dinner of was time for the presents.

 He's pretty excited about an Andrew Luck rookie card from Grandma and Grandma Ted
 and a badminton/volleyball net from Nana and Oompa

and a new bike from mom and dad!


 so kind of him to share the candles with his brother!
 SURPRISE!  8 layers for 8 years!

 then it was time for some hard core beachball volleyball and badmitton
 He is certainly blessed with family that love and spoil him....Grandma and Grandpa Ted
 Nana and Oompa
and Uncle Doug, Aunt Amy, Elijah, Lucas and Nia!

 Yes...8 is great and it is going to be a great year!


mina said...

Happy Birthday, Seth!