Friday, June 1, 2012


The weather this year has been CRAZY.   We had our super hot 90 degree week in March...and once again it is hitting the upper 90's...this time over Memorial Day Weekend.    We took advantage of opening weekend of daddy's pool (that what Grant calls it) and went swimming on Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend.  

It was a little crowded...but they boys had a blast.  Grant is all about jumping and Seth loves to dive for diving sticks.   I'm sure there will be countless more days this summer at the pool.

Our Memorial Day Weekend was pretty calm:
Friday:  Seth and Andy went to Portland to put out flags..they came home late and brought home Grant who had been gone since Wed.  I spent most of the time doing KK work, but did find some time for cards with mom and 2 of her friends.
Saturday:  Seth's football game in the morning, then we all headed back to Portland for lunch and some time spent putting flowers on gravesites.  It's surreal...every year...I shouldn't be putting flowers on my daughter's grave.
Sunday:  Church, swimming and making of the Summer Bucket List
Monday:  Car washing, relaxing in the AC, bike riding and just enjoying our family.


Jackie said...

What a lovely pool! We don't really have many outdoor pools here, the weather just isn't good enough. It would be nice on a hot day though!