Friday, June 1, 2012

Kidz Blitz my boy old enough to go to summer camp?  Certainly NOT!    On May 18-19, the 1st -3rd graders had the opportunity to spend about 24 hours at the district summer camp.  It's called Kidz Blitz and is designed to get the kids excited about camp...Mission accomplished...Seth is READY to go back.

I had the opportunity to was perfect because since I obviously had to stay with the girls, Seth was able to have his space.  But at the same time...I was able to see and experience the same things he well as capture some pictures.

There were 13 kids from church...we left on the church bus, drove to Marion and got unpacked.  First thing was dinner...yummy tacos!

It was the funniest thing...the kids were able to have as much to drink as they wanted...those boys were so excited about having 3-4 drinks...that is until it was time to clean up the tables.

Then there was some singing and worship as well as a storyteller.  We were heavy on the boys...10 boys and 3 girls. Needless to got a little rowdy at times.

The kids still had a few hours that night to jump on inflatables, play giant volleyball and hangout before devotions in their cabins.

We were up and at it first thing in the morning and after breakfast spent some time in different rotations including craft, lesson, scavenger hunt and the favorite:  climbing wall.  Seth was pretty excited to he is getting his instructions.

He went at it for about 15 minutes...he tried hard...but those rock are far apart and small for a little guy who has never done it before.   He chose to come down before getting to the top and doing the zip line.  I could tell he was a little disappointed...but I kept telling him he had ALL week this summer.

We ate lunch...had another worship time and played some carpet ball before heading home around 3.

It was a great little get-away and a great opportunity to see the camp.   Seth is fired up for this summer...and still wants to go even though he would have to leave a day early so that we can get going on our vacation.   I grew up at camp and have many many memories...can't wait for him to have the same.