Monday, June 11, 2012

Laundry Room Redo!

Yes, I admit my laundry room was often a pit! Most days you could find random cleaning bottles and dirty towels just thrown on the washer. There were really old broken baskets holding random items...and items just thrown on the shelf. It was by no means a "nice" place to hang out.   It's really more of a closet...but still, it was kinda a catchall for everything. And since Kitty has been gone and we are able to close the door...that made for even more reason to "just throw things in there!"

Well...that's changed! My no-nonsense husband got to work and repainted the walls. I took the boys shopping and bought some new baskets and a couple pictures for the wall. My handy Andy built an extra shelf out of an old piece of cabinet (more on that later) and now we have 2 shelves!
I'm pretty excited..hoping that with more shelving and functional baskets...that it will stay clean...and it by chance anyone comes in through the garage door and the door is open...a nice, fresh, bright, clean laundry room will great them!

That's the plan anyway!