Friday, June 1, 2012

PIcking Strawberries

We accomplished #3 of our bucket list today...picking strawberries.  The season just opened this past weekend..but it was 96 degrees...who wants to pick strawberries in super hot sun?     I knew that the season didn't last forever...and Seth is gone all next week at basketball I knew today was about the last day.  So even though it was like 50 degrees (yes, 40 degrees cooler than 4 days ago) we bundled up and headed out in to the fields...ALONE!  Guess no one else wants to pick on cloudy, cold, spitting rain days.  

We didn't care...we had a blast!  Grant was so excited about his bucket...he actually did really well and looked for red ones...we only ended up with a few not ripe or over ripe.  I was impressed.
Seth loved it too...he was so excited when I said we were going.   He loved finding the BIG ones.

 We had been there about 30 minutes..when I took one and ate it.  Grant had the cutest look on his  "Really, I can eat this?"  From then on...he was all about EATING the strawberries and not picking them and putting them in his bucket.
 Yep...they were juicy!

 So we spent a little over an hour...and came back with 3 buckets full of yummy juicy deliciousness! In fact Grant thought they were so yummy, he jammed his pockets full of strawberries too!

 And later that day....freezer jam, cleaned berries for the freezer AND some very yummy strawberry/rhubarb crisp!

Golly, I feel like I could live on the plantation (okay, maybe not! We did watch Little House on the Prairie last night...nope...that's not my ideal life)


Anonymous said...

In his POCKETS!?

Jackie said...

Looks like you had a fab time! I love strawberries but I'm far to lazy to pick my own! I might need that strawberry crisp recipe from you though....