Friday, June 1, 2012

School's Out for Summer

I know it's been said before...but where does the time go?  The days drag on...but the years fly by...and this one was NO exception.

We started a tradition back in preschool to go out for doughnuts before the last day of school.  That was when school started at 9...not 7:20.  But Seth and I are all about tradition, so we got up early and headed to Dunkin Doughnuts...if you're gonna have doughnuts, you might as well have the good ones!  Grant was staying a few days at Grandma and Grandpa Ted' it was extra special to have just some Seth and mommy time!  I cherish these moments when HE loves to spend time with me.

We made it just in time to catch the bus and have 1 last photo of the bus stop buddies....lots of new dynamics as 3 of them head off to middle school.
Seth had a fun time at school and was excited to be home for the summer....and then we got a call from the neighbor that she was having ice cream sundae we went over there....CHAOS as 13 kids grab for their favorite topping.

 His report card just came yesterday...perfect as expected!   He had a tremendous year academically...even advancing onto division in the timed fact tests. His reading has exploded and he now reads pretty much anything he wants...including 1000 page manuals about all the coins of the world. boy is GROWING up!

Once daddy got home we went out for pizza and watched a movie...he said it was a great way to kick off the summer!