Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cape May Friday-Saturday

We left early Friday morning and drove to Marion to pick up Seth from camp.  He had been at Rookie Camp for church with a bunch of other 2nd and 3rd graders.  It was great to see him, hug him and have him with us.
We were then headed east....Grant had his new DVD player and traveling went well. 

   We drove through rain almost the entire day....saw more rain while driving than I've seen all summer.  We didn't make any reservations for stopping...since we had no idea how the boys, particularly Grant would do.    After a pretty good day...we stopped for the night in Frederick, Maryland at a great hotel.

We were up early again to get on the road in hopes of beating the weekend beach traffic over the Chesapeake Bay.  No luck...we ran into lots of traffic...which caused us to miss our 12:00 ferry reservation.  Luckily, we were able to get on the 12:45.   Finally....we were really on our way to Cape May.  It was a very frustrating, long drive on Saturday from 8-12...felt longer than the 12 hour drive on Friday.

 Watching the ferry come soon as it was our turn

Pirate Pete was there
 It was a pretty rough fact at one point, they told everyone to stay seated.  Since we were rushing to catch a ferry...we ate on the ferry.   It was a very disappointing, expensive cold meat sandwich lunch.  After we calmed down a little and we went outside.
 It was a little (okay, a lot windy)
 After about an hour and 20 minutes...we were across the bay and in Cape May!  Yeah!
 We arrived at the house around 3...and were excited to see that the gumdrop tree bloomed already!

 After unloading the van....we put on our suits and headed across the block (Yep, only 1 block) to the ocean.  It was a little overcast...and a little too chilly for me...but the boys loved it!
 It didn't take long for Seth to get wet and enjoy the waves.
 Grant was a little tentative at first...and spent most of his time running away from the waves....
 but he got braver and braver....and it wasn't long before he was wet too!
 After about 45 minutes we got really we came back to the house, got cleaned up and headed down to the boardwalk to check out the arcade and see if there were any changes the past 2 years.    Both boys LOVE the arcade....I'm afraid a lot of money is going to be thrown down the toilet on those silly games.  But I grew up going to the arcade at Cape May...and I have fond I love building those memories for the boys.

 Back to the house to see that cousins and my brother and sis-in-law had arrived.   Dined on a yummy seafood dinner of clam chowder, peel and eat shrimp, grilled flounder and some pretty awesome corn on the cob!  Sure beat lunch.

Then...back to the arcade...this time to share a ride with cousin Nia. 

After blowing the allotment for the night...we took a walk and had our nightly ice cream treat!  A beautiful walk back home along the ocean shore, with a cool breeze and the smell of salt air!  LOVE IT!   Finished unpacking and climbed in bed....anxious for a great week at one of our favorite spots with our whole family!