Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cape May--Monday

It was another picture perfect day in Cape May.   After breakfast and a ride on the boardwalk....we packed up and headed back to the beach.

Grant loves to dig...
 and throw the sand at the waves.  I just love watching him explore the beach...he is all over the place.
 The waves were okay...Andy and I did some boogie boardin'...caught a few good ones!
 Lucas and Seth are best buds on the beach...whether it be body surfin' or sand castle diggin'
 Snack time is always popular....cookies and juice!
 The whole group worked on sandcastles...lots of creativity going on
 And...during the middle of the day...a rainbow appeared out of nowhere!  We always like to think it's a visit from Kate....click here to see why!

Doug's octopus creations

 And Grant putting his head in the water...whatever makes you happy, kid!
 Andy and Seth played football...diving for a ball in the water is a lot more fun than diving on the ground.
 After a full full day at the beach...we came back and rode our bikes to the fish market to pick put crabcakes for dinner.

And of course...down to the boardwalk for some games and a quick snack.  Seth, Nana and I played Quirkle  before bed...and then Nana and I played cards after the boys were in bed. 

It was a rough night for grant...a 10 minute nap in the bike trailer just doesn't cut it!   It's full full days for little guys....but overall we continue to have a great time.

Doug's octopus creation